Volkswagen Arteon (3H7) 2017-2020 Repair Manual. EWD

Volkswagen Arteon (3H7) 17-20 Workshop Manual, color wiring diagrams, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse locations. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free. 

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Volkswagen Arteon (3H7) Electrical Wiring Diagram

Volkswagen Arteon Error Codes list DTC

Volkswagen Arteon Error Codes list DTC Download

Volkswagen Arteon Fuse box

Volkswagen Amarok (2010-2017) fuses and relays
Fuse Box Diagram Volkswagen Amarok (2010
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VW Arteon (3H7) - EWD - Fitting Location
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VW Arteon (3H7) - EWD - Fitting Location
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Volkswagen Arteon

Initially, back in 2017, the Volkswagen Arteon car was born in the form of a stylish and aerodynamic 5-door liftback, which is called the “5-door coupe” in the current fashion. Recently, a planned update of the model took place, which gave not only new touches in the exterior / interior, but also a Shooting Brake type body. Before us is the first generation of the car, although the Volkswagen Passat CC (or simply CC) from the 2010s can be called an ideological predecessor. The article presents a car with a 280-horsepower gasoline engine, all-wheel drive, in the R-Line configuration.


How does the Volkswagen Arteon drive?

So, as you wish. The 280-horsepower Volkswagen Arteon liftback is phenomenally multifaceted in its character and, at the same time, comprehensively developed. You can drive to work every day: in excellent silence “on the motor” and wheels, with sufficient traction already at 2-2.5 thousand and with imperceptible switching of the “automatic” in about the same range. A beautiful, stylish, expensive car that looks and drives the same way. The new Volkswagen Arteon never doubts its high class.


the Volkswagen Arteon car is closely related to the Passat: a transverse engine, front or all-wheel drive, the ubiquitous MQB platform, independent suspensions “in a circle” (McPherson front and multi-link rear). However, if you deal with the details, then the Volkswagen Arteon car is in itself.

Firstly, it has a radically different body: despite the format of the 5-door liftback, it is 10% stiffer than the 4-door Passat sedan - all thanks to the increased proportion of high-strength steels. Secondly, the wheelbase is longer (+50 mm relative to the Passat), doors without window frames, etc. Thirdly, the chassis is different: its own shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, steering. In addition, this model is equipped with a DCC suspension with electronically adjustable dampers, and at the time of its debut, the Volkswagen Arteon became the first car of the brand to implement smooth DCC stiffness control using a virtual slider on the display.


If in a conversation about the body I recalled the Passat, then when talking about the engine and transmission, I will allow myself to recall the Volkswagen Golf GTI and CUPRA Forementor VZ. So, under the hood is hidden a gasoline 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine of the EA888 series with combined fuel injection (TSI and MPI), an “unclenched” cylinder-piston group and a valve stroke change system. By the way, after updating the Volkswagen Arteon model, the power of this engine remained the same at 280 hp, but the torque was noticeably increased - now 400 Nm against 350 Nm at the beginning of a career. The gearbox is a 7-speed DSG "automatic": a preselective robotic transmission with two oil-bath clutches and the code designation DQ381 (DQ381-7F for front-wheel drive versions or DQ381-7A for 4Motion all-wheel drive versions).

Speaking globally, the Volkswagen Arteon does not bring any technical revolutions. However, he uses all the best that Volkswagen has now.

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