Skoda Kamiq Workshop manuals. Wiring diagram. DTC

Skoda Kamiq (NW4) 2019 - 2024 Repair Manuals. color wiring diagrams, engine and transmission repair, error codes list DTC, fuse box diagram. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free.

  • Engines
  • Cooling, heating and air conditioning system
  • Fuel system
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Brake system
  • Steering
  • Gearboxes, clutch
  • Body
  • electrical equipment

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Skoda Kamiq Wiring diagrams. Fuse and Relay

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Skoda Kamiq

SKODA Kamiq is the brand's most compact crossover, a kind of "maximum popular model for every day": engines up to a maximum of 150 hp, only front-wheel drive, several trim levels. At the same time, the format of a compact crossover promises a fairly spacious body and a willingness to overcome at least light off-road and country dirt roads.


There is no direct predecessor of the SKODA Kamiq model, but there is an ideological one: according to a similar recipe, SKODA Fabia station wagons were created in Scout versions (slightly increased ground clearance, a protective body kit in a circle). In addition, the SKODA Scala model cannot be ignored: in fact, this compact hatchback is the closest relative to the Kamiq crossover in terms of design, technology, and time on the market. Finally, I will mention the Chinese version of SKODA Kamiq, which debuted even a little earlier than the European version.

Behind the simplicity of the SKODA Kamiq crossover, many interesting details are hidden. So, during its debut in early 2019, the car became the most compact SUV in the range of the brand (now SKODA also has more compact crossovers). The SKODA Kamiq model has no direct predecessors, but how can one not recall the cross-versions of the SKODA Fabia?

How does the SKODA Kamiq crossover ride?

As for its class and format, it rides well. If you describe the nature of the car in one word, it will be the word "predictability"


So, the motor pulls well already from 1.5 thousand revolutions and is ready to actively gain 5-6 thousand during acceleration with the pedal “to the floor”. This is the typical character of the already familiar 1.5-litre 150-horsepower TSI engine,


The DSG transmission is also known: instantaneous and imperceptible shifts, craving for higher gears. For example, during normal driving, the box switches up when the engine reaches the mark of 2.5 thousand revolutions. After changing the gear, the engine drops by 1.7-2 thousand and everything starts over again. Slowly, but with minimal noise and fuel consumption.

With suspension, the situation is similar. It gives an average level of comfort. But this level does not change depending on the bumps, wheel travel, or any phases of the moon, as happens with some other cars in the class. Always unambiguous behavior, on any pits and bumps, but any type of bumps.

But what can be stated unequivocally for any version is the cool interior design. At first glance, there are traditional forms of the front panel, instruments and steering wheel, and the center console. But everything is done in such a way that every button and switch is always at hand. Thin roof pillars and normal-sized mirrors ensure good visibility.

And the visually flat seat (it really lacks lateral support) provides a good fit and load distribution. Suddenly, but a small puncture in this almost perfect ergonomics: there are power seat buttons, but there are no settings memory buttons. Okay, let's forgive the back row, which gives reason for positive: good space, legroom and headroom, ventilation deflectors (a rarity in the class) and a couple of ports for charging gadgets.

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