VAG DSG Error Codes List

DSG malfunctions should be corrected as soon as possible.

Ignoring errors and malfunctions of the gearbox leads to additional breakdowns.

The most common list of errors in the DSG transmission system

DSG6-speed gearbox

  • The beginning of the trip is accompanied by sharp jolts, a smooth ride is impossible.
  • Computer diagnostics do not detect any faults.
  • When switching gears, jerks and extraneous vibrations are felt.
  • As a result of diagnostics, fault codes are not displayed.
  • Inability to engage reverse gear.
  • Placing the lever in the “R” mode leads to the activation of the emergency mode with the simultaneous activation of all gearbox indicators.
  • The control unit records error 19143 P2711, which indicates unreliable information regarding speed switching.
  • Turning on the “R” or “D” position is accompanied by clicks in the gearbox area, after which the car starts to move. Diagnostics gives the same error.
  • The transition of the gearbox to the emergency position is accompanied by the display of “PRNDS”. “Turn off/on” allows you to temporarily get rid of problems.

Computer scanning shows errors in DSG 6:

  • 18228 P1820 - combined pressure switch 2-N216: short circuit to b+;
  • 18227 P1819 - combined pressure switch -N216: open circuit / short circuit to ground;
  • 18223 P1815 - combined pressure switch 1-N215: short circuit to b+;
  • 18222 P1814 - pressure control valve 1-N215: open circuit / short circuit to ground.

The gearbox periodically switches to emergency mode and PRNDS is displayed. Restarting with the stratum key temporarily eliminates the error:

  • The ECU shows an error:
  • 18115 P1707 – malfunction of the mechatronic module;
  • 17252 P0868 – presence of pressure in the manual transmission.
  • Replacing mechatronics with a used unit:
  • Automatic transmission operation with delay;
  • Shifting the gearbox at high speeds.
  • Installation of used mechatronics:
  • When trying to start moving, the gearbox switches to emergency mode;
  • Error 19143 P2711 is displayed.

7-speed gearbox

The main features of DGS-7 include the occurrence of unit malfunctions.

Moreover, the fact that a fault was found is stored in the system’s memory for the purpose of further decoding by the service station master. As a result of analyzing diagnostic codes, a specialist can study preliminary data on breakdowns.


However, reading such data can be done outside the service center. Owners of Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audio cars have the opportunity to carry out the procedure themselves. All you need to do is find the required codes in the document provided.


This will allow you to detect the exact location of the fault and obtain information about the role the faulty unit plays in the operation of the transmission. The presence of such a decoding simplifies the analysis of the degree of failure and allows you to identify the cause.

The most common errors: P174A, P189C, P175F, P177F, P0562, P1732, P173C, P173B, P173A, P1895, P189C, P1604, P0841, P17BF, P2789, P2787, P177D, P1899, P1898, P17 7C, P177B, P189B, P189A , P176E, P175D, P175E, P179C, P179D, P174F, P174B, P174E, P174A, P173F, P174C, P17E1, P17E0, P176C, P176B, P176A, P171F, P0716, P2765, P0715, P2 159, P0501, P179F, P179E, P2873 , P1741, P17D7, P17D6, P1740, P0726, P17D8.

Mechatronics errors:

P17D8 – The torque value is limited due to the clutch;

P0726 – Invalid speed signal from the engine control unit;

P1740 – Clutch temperature control;

P174C – Electrical malfunction in valve 1 in gearbox part 2;

P173F – Electrical malfunction in valve 2 in gearbox part 1;

P174A – Electrical malfunction in valve 3 in gearbox part 1;

P174E – Electrical malfunction in valve 3 in gearbox part 2;

P174B – Electrical malfunction in valve 4 in gearbox part 1;

P174F – Electrical malfunction in valve 4 in gearbox part 2;

P179D – Electrical malfunction in the oil cooling valve;

P179C – Electrical malfunction in the main pressure valve;

P175E – Random closure of clutch 1;

P176F – Random closure of clutch 2;

P175D – Random opening of clutch 1;

P176E – Random opening of clutch 2;

P17BF – Hydraulic pump;

P0841 – Transmission hydraulic pressure sensor 1 is unreliable;

P1604 – Control unit malfunction;

P0562 – Very low voltage level on the electric motor;

P177F – Very low voltage on the hydraulic pump motor;

P175F – Failure to perform basic gearbox installation;

P189C – High blood pressure is not detected;

P174A – Electrical failure of valve 3 or no communication with the ECU.

Clutch errors:

P17D6 – Clutch 1 – Very high pressure;

P17D7 – Clutch 2 – Very high pressure;

P1741 – Clutch pressure adaptation limit reached;

P2873 – Clutch 2 pressure too high;

P176A – Unregulated speed switch 1;

P176B – Unregulated speed switch 2;

P176C – Unregulated speed switch 3;

P17E0 – Mechanical failure of speed switch 1;

P17E1 – Mechanical failure of speed switch2;

P189A – Very small clutch clearance 1;

P189B – Very small clutch clearance 2;

P177B – Clutch 1 tolerance limit reached;

P177C – Clutch 1 tolerance limit reached;

P1898 – Limited operation of clutch 1;

P1899 – Limited operation of clutch 1;

P177D – Increase the torque of the double friction clutch;

P2787 – excessive heating of the coupling;

P2789 – Clutch adaptation at limit.

Other errors:

P179E – Electrical failure of the gearbox switched on sensor;

P179F – Problems with the sensor when the gear is engaged;

P0501 – Car speed sensor signal 1 is unreliable;

P2159 – Car speed sensor signal 2 is unreliable;

P0715 – Electrical failure of transmission input shaft speed sensor 1;

P2765 – Electrical failure of transmission input shaft speed sensor 2;

P0716 – Transmission input shaft speed sensor 1 signal is unreliable;

P171F – Transmission input shaft speed sensor 2 signal is unreliable;

P189C – Insufficient pressure increase leads to limited operation;

P1895 – Pressure drop leads to limited operation;

P1854 – Drive data bus faulty;

P173A – Mechanical failure of speed switch travel sensor 1 − Signal inaccuracy;

P173B – Mechanical failure of speed switch travel sensor 2 − Signal inaccuracy;

P173C – Mechanical failure of speed switch travel sensor 3 − Signal inaccuracy;

P1732 – Mechanical failure of the travel sensor 4 of the speed switch - Signal unreliability.

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