Skoda Scala 2019- Workshop manual. Wiring Diagrams

Skoda Scala NW1 2019- 2024 Service and Repair Manual, color wiring diagrams, engine and transmission diagnostics, Engine repair, error codes, fuse and relay locations. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free.

Skoda Scala Wiring Diagrams. Fuse and relays

Skoda Scala

In fact, the novelty replaces the well-known Skoda Rapid, so such an extraordinary name is just a marketing ploy.


Despite the difference in class, drivers will be able to adapt to the new trends of their favorite automaker. The hatchback directly challenges such competitors as: Peugeot 308, Renault Megane, Opel Astra and Ford Focus.


Skoda Skala strictly adheres to its brand, which is reflected in the weakly expressed exterior.

The car can only surprise with its front part. A small oblong grille is combined with the main optics. Headlights are triangular in shape with an extension to the edge of the hood. There is a desire to focus in the direction of an aggressive body.


Behind the lanterns also narrowed, but did not receive amalgamation with each other. The glass on the trunk is very well implemented, which actually immediately flows into the body without a visible line of contact. On the side of the Skoda Scala is an ordinary hatchback without exclusive bends.


Drivers of the younger generation may feel a lack of individuality. There are no unnecessary curves emphasizing the status of the car - conservatism in every centimeter of the body.

Hatchback interior

Skoda Scala, as usual in the interior for its class, implements the concept of simplicity. Physical controls are being thrown away, and touch screens are taking their place. The instrument panel is a solid screen with well-designed graphics.

Multimedia received a diagonal of 9.2 inches. It makes sense to buy such options in addition, with an eye to their practicality in the modern world, where many gadgets work in conjunction with the car's computer. The three-spoke steering wheel looks sporty.

Roominess is provided by a cabin width of 1439 mm on the driver's side. The trunk received 467 liters. Having folded the second row of seats as much as possible, the trunk will increase to 1410 liters. A decisive statement for the leader in free space inside. You can safely transport the whole family to the sea or make transportation by working in a taxi.

Adaptive cruise control and a lot of functional programs, including automatic tracking markings with the possibility of emergency braking. Trunk door servo is a standard thing in modern cars, but it is especially nice to see this option on the Skoda Skala. The hatchback boasts a panoramic roof that enhances the driving experience.

Immediately 9 airbags provide all-round protection for passengers from possible impacts. LED optics will presumably not be inferior to the nearest competitors in terms of efficiency on the road. While it is difficult to say what is not in this hatchback, where at first glance there is everything.

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