Skoda Karoq Service Repair manuals. Wiring diagrams

SKODA Karoq 2017-2022 Service Repair Manuals covered how-to repair engine, gearbox, suspension, steering, electric wiring diagrams and etc. Diagnostic trouble codes. Fuse and Relay location. Component location. Repair of the injection system, ignition

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Skoda Karoq Wiring diagrams

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Skoda Karoq

Skoda Karoq - crossover "K1" class. This is a machine that combines qualities such as: modernity and complexity. It has a new petrol engine. As conceived by the chief designer of the car, K. Neuhold, the “Czech iron horse” should embody brutality and seriousness. Skoda Karok looks, in general, harmoniously and proportionately.

Weaknesses of the Skoda Karoq

  • Low clearance, as for a crossover;
  • Weak multimedia system (as standard);
  • Fuel consumption.

1) Low ground clearance


Of course, it’s hard to call the front-wheel drive Skoda Karok a crossover. The ground clearance specified by the manufacturer is 160-164 mm.


However, the clearance declared by car manufacturers is usually not true. Since it is measured on an empty and unladen vehicle. Therefore, it must always be taken into account that in real conditions the ground clearance will be less than in the technical specification. And if engine crankcase protection is installed, then the clearance will become even less.

2) Weak multimedia system.


Poor sound quality and power, the system periodically “does not find” the smartphone.

3) Fuel consumption


The average fuel consumption, declared by the manufacturer, is from 4.5 to 7 liters per 100 kilometers, but in practice it is quite higher.


Despite the fact that the model is new, and, according to the manufacturers, should be exemplary, an analysis of the owners' reviews showed many shortcomings.

The main disadvantages of Skoda Karoq


Harsh rear suspension;

In rainy weather, it quickly gets dirty: the wipers do not work well, they sweep a mixture of dirt and water onto windows and doors;

No rear view camera;

I went for a test drive - 1.4 turbo with an automatic, you put your foot on the gas from the brake, nothing happens right away, but only after 2-3 seconds the car starts moving - not convenient and unpleasant;

The warranty period has ended and breakdowns immediately began, but the car is still completely new;

The original floor mats do not cover the space under the pedals;

Lock fasteners are rusting;

At first, the display functions are hard to figure out;

For such a price, it is better to buy a Kodiak;

I do not like the trunk: uncomfortable, the bottom is uneven;

Gasoline consumption is higher than stated: when driving at a speed of 110 km / h on the highway, the consumption is about 9 liters;

Noise isolation does not match advertising;

Not convenient cruise control, Swing - speaker system - a clear minus;

Defective spare wheel;

Does not have a standard USB output;

Noisy operation of windows;

At the beginning of the movement - the door lock is loud;

The column rattled, almost immediately after buying a car;

Expensive maintenance;

Small gas tank;

The multimedia system produces malfunctions, the sound quality is poor;

The markings on the speedometer and tachometer scales lack contrast;

"Almost" - station wagon, crossover, family: clearly falls short, although the advertising campaign is good;

The elastic band installed on the doors allows dirt to pass through;

Large central armrest: not very convenient to stick the belt into the latch;

A small glove compartment, does not fit an A4 sheet in expanded form;

I do not like the plastic interior door trim;

There is no convenient platform for a mobile phone;

No slots for memory cards, adapters are needed;

Navigation only through the phone;

The operation of the all-wheel drive is strange, it seems to be there, but it is not fully felt;

The price is high for such a model,

The parking assistant hangs;

Skoda Karok loves quality gasoline and oil;

Condensation constantly forms on the rear window;

Car heating - warms up for a long time;

Door adjustment leaves much to be desired;

There is poor quality plastic on the steering block, I seem to drive carefully, and the area near the ignition switch is all scratched;

Creaking plastic door linings;

At the beginning of the movement, pressing the gas throttle accompanies the jerk. The mechanic said that perhaps this is due to the fact that the running-in, they say, over time, everything will work out;

Delicate paintwork;

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