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Skoda Service Repair manual, instruction manual. Electrical Wiring Diagrams. Fuse and Relay location. Models since 2008, equipped with petrol and diesel engines. Vehicle tuning and maintenance, Engine cooling and interior air conditioning systems, Power supply, engine management and exhaust systems, electrical equipment, DSG transmission. Error codes list. PDF Free download

Skoda Felicia Workshop Manual

  • Felicia (model code: 6U1) 1995 - 2001
  • Felicia Combi (model code: 6U5) 1997 - 2001
  • Felicia Van PLUS / Skoda Felicia Ven (model code: 6U6) 1998 - 2001
  • Felicia Pick-up / Skoda Felicia Pickup (model code: 6U7) 1997 - 2001

1.6L SOHC AEE Engine 1996-2001: Timing Belt Installation Download

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Skoda Citigo

Paint General Information Download

Wheels Tyres Workshop manual Download

1.0 44; 55 kW MPI engine Workshop manual Download

Air Conditioning System With Refrigerant R123yf Download

Air Conditioning System With Refrigerant R134a Download

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Axles Steering Repair manual Download

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Body Work Workshop manual Download

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Skoda Citigo Wiring diagrams

Skoda Citigo Electrical System - general notes Download

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Fuse Layout Skoda Citigo 2011-2015 Download

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Skoda Roomster Workshop Manual

  • Skoda Roomster (5J7) 2006 - 2015

Engine TDI CR 1,2/55 kW Workshop Manual Download

3-Cyl. diesel engine BNM Download

4-cylinder Diesel Engine 1.9 L Download

1.6L 16v 77kW Engine Download

4-cylinder diesel engine 1.9L Workshop Manual Download

Automatic 6-speed gearbox 09G, Workshop Manual Download

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Skoda Roomster Wiring diagrams.

Electrical System - general notes Download

Fuse Layout Skoda Roomster 2006-2015 Download

Skoda Roomster (Praktik) fuse and relay 2006-2015 Download

Skoda Roomster

For passenger cars that trace their lineage to small-size pickups, are colloquially often referred to as "heels" and still have commercial modifications in the lineup, it is not easy to come up with a design that everyone would unconditionally like. And the Roomster developers, as if on purpose, visually separated the front and rear parts of the car from each other with disproportionate windows on both sides of the B-pillar.

It is possible that the reason why the Roomster got such a peculiar appearance was the desire of designers to distinguish the model from competitors that already existed by 2006, when Skoda began production of the Roomster. Peugeot Partner and its "twin" Citroёn Berlingo, as well as Renault Kangoo should be singled out first of all from analogues, the Skoda model is closest to the consumer parameters of which.


However, if you put reliability at the forefront, then it is unlikely that Kangoo has a chance to withstand the Roomster. According to statistics, the number of malfunctions noted in the suspension, steering, equipment of the body and interior, as well as in the electrical equipment of Kangoo, exceeds the average level for cars of the same class.

In comparing Roomster with Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo, not everything is so clear. For most of the components evaluated in the above statistical study, the French "twins" look even better, which, however, did not prevent them from exceeding the average number of small defects. However, when choosing between Partner/Berlingo and Roomster, the decisive role, apparently, does not belong to reliability, but to personal preferences and economic feasibility.

According to statistics, the most trouble is expected from electrical equipment. It most often mentions power windows as weak points, primarily in the driver's door, hood and door limit switches, an electric stove fan motor, central locking, and a harness in the engine compartment.


In the suspension, complaints were made about the durability of the front stabilizer bushings, the thrust bearings of the front shock absorbers and the rear silent blocks of the front levers. The service life of other wearing parts and assemblies is at least 80-100 thousand km, so they cannot be considered weak points. In steering, the power steering has not proven itself to be a reliable power steering, in which the load sensor can present trouble.

Which of the engines is considered optimal depends on many circumstances. For example, if the car is bought only for family needs, it will drive no more than 15 thousand km annually, which means that fuel costs will be moderate, it may turn out that the best choice is one of the Roomster gasoline modifications. From the point of view of reliability and dynamic performance, it is preferable to purchase versions with 1.4 and 1.6 engines. Variants with 1.2 engines are more economical, but are considered less reliable and durable, more suitable for city driving and calm drivers, and noisy on the highway and not suitable for fast overtaking.

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