VW Jetta 7 2018-2023 Workshop manual. Wiring diagrams

VW Jetta NF (BU3) 2019 - 2021, VW Jetta NF (BU4) 2022 -... Service & Repair Manuals, Owner's manual, electrical wiring diagrams etc, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes (dtc), fuse and relay diagram. The manual provides information on diagnostics, service procedures and specifications for your vehicle.

Other designations: Volkswagen Vento Volkswagen Sagitar

Body type: 4‑dv. sedan (5 seats)

Platform: Volkswagen Group MQB A1

Transmission: 5- or 6-speed. manual transmission 6- or 7-speed automatic transmission

Engines: Petrol: 1.4 l, 150 hp 2.0 l, 231 hp

Diesel: 1.9 l, 105 hp 2.0 l, 140 hp

  • Engines
  • Diagnostics
  • Cooling, heating and air conditioning system
  • Fuel system
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Brake system
  • Steering
  • Gearboxes, clutch
  • Body
  • electrical equipment
  • General documentation

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4-Cylinder Direct Fuel Injection (1.4L Engine, 4V, EA211, Turbocharger)


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VW Jetta 7 Transmission, clutch

On the new Jetta 7 are installed:

5-speed manual gearbox MQ250 - 0A4

6-speed manual gearbox MQ250 - 02S

Generation 3 6-speed automatic AQ250 - 09G

8-speed automatic gearbox AQ300 - 09S

6-speed manual gearbox MQ350 - 02Q

6-speed gearbox DSG DQ250 - 0D9

7-speed DSG DQ381 - 0GC

6-speed automatic gearbox AQ160 - 09G


New 8-speed automatic transmission 09S.

Manufacturer: AISIN AW Co., LTD. Japan

Factory designation: AQ300

Service designation: 09S


The 8-speed automatic transmission 09S from the Japanese concern AISIN AW CO., LTD., which produces transmission units, is an improved version of the 8-speed automatic transmission 09P, which is now installed on the Tiguan with an extended wheelbase.


For eight forward gears, a system of modified planetary gears is used. The 09S automatic transmission is designed to operate the start-stop system using a new solenoid valve that, when the system is active, keeps the first gear friction clutch closed, ensuring smooth transmission engagement when starting the engine.



Replacing the B1 band brake with a multi-disc brake.

Replacement of multifunction switch F125 with selector lever sensors control unit J587.

No slot for manual shifting.

Hydraulic pump with chain drive.

New ATF oil with high anti-friction properties.

Two pressure sensors built in to monitor the operating pressure.

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VW Jetta 7 Wiring diagrams Fuse and Relay

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Complete wiring diagrams for Volkswagen Jetta 7 from model year 2018. Edition 04.2021

  • 1.4L Engine DGXA, DJXA
  • 2.0L Engine DKFA
  • 2.0L Engine CXDB
  • 2.0L Engine

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Volkswagen Jetta 7

The seventh generation Jetta is made in Mexico. In Europe, the model does not exist at all - it has lagged behind the local development of the auto industry. But it cannot be assumed that the Mexican assembly will make a Mexican out of the Jetta. Exactly the same cars go to the US market, where they are in good demand. The basic version provides LED headlights, taillights, an electric handbrake, climate control, 6 airbags, a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch display.


In the top version, everything is a little brighter - in the daytime, light enters the cabin through a huge sunroof. Instead of switches, virtual instruments are used. The equipment provides for a heated steering wheel, 2-zone climate control, a multimedia system with a 10-inch display, rear row heating and cruise control.


Technical part. The new generation is being built on the MQB platform. The car was delivered to the territory of the Russian Federation with a 150 hp engine. There is an alternative - a 1.6-liter with 110 hp. Both units are paired with a manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic transmission.


The wheelbase here is exactly the same as the Octavia. That is why the back row is so spacious. The luggage compartment is 510 liters, but the picture is spoiled by the fact that the manufacturer did not take care of additional amenities in the form of compartments for storing small items. Now Jetta can not be called a gray mouse. The car changed its appearance and began to attract the public. For some reason, the wide grille reminds me of the Passat.


If we consider the smoothness of the ride, then the car can be attributed to the middle segment. The suspension eats up almost all the bumps and does not transmit vibrations to the cabin. Management is not bad, and the ground clearance is 16.5 cm. Noise isolation is not the best quality, but not budget either. In general, it creates only pleasant impressions about itself - comfortable seats, comfortable suspension, almost 100% silence inside and excellent control.


The new Volkswagen Jetta won the hearts of motorists already in 2020. The manufacturer has made changes not only to the appearance - the technical part has been redesigned in detail.

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