Haldex Service manual. VAG SSP

Haldex coupling: everything about the device, repair manual, malfunctions and maintenance for VAG group cars + trucks, buses.

The Haldex coupling is one of the key elements of the all-wheel drive system found on a growing number of modern vehicles. The essence of the clutch is to control and transmit torque. The latter will depend on the degree of coupling closure. In most cases, the moment is transmitted to the rear axle of the car from the front.

SSP 070 All-wheel drive with Haldex coupling Generation IV Download

SSP 206 Allradantrieb mit Haldex- Kupplung Download

SSP 206 Four-Wheel Drive with Haldex Coupling Download

SSP 302 Der Touareg Fahrwerk und Allradkonzept Download

SSP 333 4Motion mit Haldex-Kupplung Modelljahr 2004 Download

SSP 333 4MOTION with Haldex Coupling Model Year 2004 Download

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SSP 414 4MOTION mit Allradkupplung Generation IV Download

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Haldex Fault codes

00448 - Haldex clutch pump (V181) - 002 - lower limit exceeded - intermittent.

00448 - Haldex clutch pump (V181) 011 - gap - intermittent.

00448 - Haldex clutch pump (V181) 011 - gap - defective.

00448 - Haldex clutch pump (V181) - 011 - gap - intermittent

02248 - Valve for controlling the working angle of the clutch (N373) - defective.

02248 - Valve for controlling the working angle of the clutch (N373) - intermittent.

02248 - Valve for controlling the working angle of the clutch (N373) - 012 - electrical error in the circuit.

01324 - Four-wheel drive control module (J492) 004 - no signal / communication.

65535 - Control module internal memory error 00-10 - intermittent.

16347 - Control Module - EEPROM Error - 014 - Faulty - Intermittent.

00003 - Control Module 014 - Faulty - Intermittent / sporadic faulty control module.

The principle of operation of the Haldex friction clutch

  1. axle drive flange
  2. Safety valve
  3. Electronic control unit
  4. annular piston
  5. Hub
  6. Thrust washers
  7. Friction discs
  8. Clutch drum
  9. Axial piston pump
  10. Centrifugal regulator
  11. electric motor

The Haldex clutch is a fairly popular mechanical transmission unit on modern vehicles with plug-in all-wheel drive. This device is found on many popular cars of famous world brands: Land Rover, Ford, SAAB, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Opel, Seat, Cadillac. The unit is especially loved by German engineers from Volkswagen, which they install on almost all crossovers and some sedans.


An advantage for some turns into a disadvantage for operating car owners. The node is quite whimsical in work and requires a certain amount of attention. In our country, Haldex coupling repair is a very well-known procedure precisely because of non-compliance with operating conditions and technical control of the condition of parts, but simply: lack of maintenance.


Design weaknesses:

In any node, electronics is always a less reliable component than mechanics. The most common malfunction: failure of the electronic control unit. Its failure has 2 root causes: a malfunction of the firmware (in this case, flashing the DEM block helps), hardware failure - the board needs to be replaced. Without the availability of special equipment, the repair of the Haldex coupling in these cases comes down to the elementary replacement of the entire control unit assembly with a new one.


The mechanical part of the coupling fails when the Haldex pump breaks down. In the design, 2 hydraulic pumps work in pairs, preliminary and plug-in. The first works constantly, creating a preliminary oil pressure, the second turns on if it is necessary to block the friction discs. It is thanks to this scheme of operation that the speed of reaction to differential lock is quite high and, if necessary, the disks are blocked almost instantly by the signal of the electronics

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