ELSAwin 6.0 VW - 01.2017 Update. Free Download

Description: Information base (manual) for repairing cars of the VW AG concern. Contains descriptions of vehicle repair and maintenance technology, electrical diagrams, body work, time standards for work performed, etc.

This program is not intended to work with diagnostic adapters.

A more detailed description can be found in the accompanying documentation.

The distribution contains a set of installation files for installing ElsaWin 4.0 and all its subsequent updates to version 6.0 (directories numbered from 1 to 7).

The full version of the ElsaWin 6.0 installer has also been added to the distribution (catalog number 8).


The main requirement before installing ElsaWin version 4.0 is to have Adobe Reader installed on the system. The minimum version is 5 or later.

The installation procedure is simple:

1. Install setup 4.0 and, if desired, all subsequent updates up to 6.0 (not necessary), or install setup 6.0 immediately.

2. Install the base.


The VW base 01.2017 is compatible with ElsaWin versions 4.x - 6.x.


You also need to install SVGView.exe - it is needed to display electrical circuits.


Login name/password: admin/admin


Detailed installation instructions for ElsaWin 4.0 and 4.1 are in the Documentacia catalog

This distribution contains all the components necessary for installation: 4.0 setup, 4.10 update, 5.0 update, 5.1 update, 5.2 update, 5.3 update, 6.0 update, VW database 01.2017, serial numbers, key generator and installation instructions. All components are in an easy-to-install form and do not require additional programs.

Year/Date of Issue: 2017

Version: 01

System requirements: Windows NT4.0/2000/Xp Pro/2003/7/2008

Support for 64-bit systems: Yes

Interface language: Multilingual

Tablet: Present

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