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ELSAWin (Electronic Service Information System for Windows) is a dealer program for the repair and maintenance of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat cars.


Elsa versions work under Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. The program is fully installed on the hard drive, contains a detailed description of the repair technology, electrical diagrams, body work, a catalog of spare parts for warranty replacement. There is very little information on the "old" models. Full information in the program is presented in German, in English and other languages the information is partially translated. In English. language mainly for new cars since 1994, wiring diagrams since 1996.

You need to understand that the versions of the program itself (4.1, 5.2, 6.0, etc.) are not important, this is just a shell on which little depends. The main version of the databases, because. they contain all the information on the repair. Their versions are designated as VW 2015-01, Audi 2016-02, etc.

ELSA is not designed to work with diagnostic adapters, but is a repair manual!


The program contains the following main sections available to a regular user:


Inspection service and care - a description of service intervals and the content of service work, broken down by vehicle systems. Methods for checking certain parameters with illustrations are given.


Body repair - description of body work, recommendations for the repair of individual parts of the body, body dimensions, etc.


Repair manual - the main repair section - a description of assembly, disassembly, repair and diagnostics, information on the location of components and mechanisms, etc. The information in the section is divided into blocks: engine, body, heating-ventilation, transmission, chassis, electrics etc.


Wiring diagrams - wiring diagrams for all vehicle systems.


Service Techniques Offline Handbook (HST) - Technical Problem Solving (TPL) provides instructions and information on repairs (since 2001). This includes current information on service technology (e.g. warranty or service campaigns). In addition, instructions for solving current technical problems are stored here.


Main required languages in ELSA: German, English, US English. If the information is not in Russian, then it is in English or German. Therefore, when installing any shell, I strongly advise you to select the following languages: US, GB, RU, DE. In this case, the maximum documentation package will be installed!


1. If the code is not entered during the installation of the program, the program works in demo mode - 30 days.

2. After starting the program, you will see a window with an agreement - click on OK, otherwise the menus will not be available.

3. Do not put the program on a partition formatted in FAT32 - not all pictures will be displayed!

4. When choosing a car brand, only VW and Audi are present in the Russian layout. You need to switch to the English layout, or press the hotkey: V - for VW, A for Audi, S - for Seat, C - for Skoda, N - for VW commercial cars (Caddy, Amarok, Crafter, LT, Transporter, etc.)

5. When logging in, login and password are required: admin / admin

Latest available database versions as of 2018:

The programs themselves will be in English and other languages.

ELSA 5.2 VW - 04.2015

ELSA 5.3 VW - 01.2016 (fresh, but the database contains only 4 languages: English, German, Chinese and Spanish.)

ELSA 6.0 VW - 01.2017 (still fresh, but the database contains only German!)

ELSA 5.3 Audi - 02.2016

ELSA 6.0 Audi - 03.2017 (fresh, but the database contains only 1 language: German)

ELSA 4.0 Skoda - 03.2012

There is not and will not be fresh, do not look ... Skoda was the first to go online!

ELSA 5.2 SEAT - 01.2015

Information on spare parts catalogs ETKA / ETOS

Introduction to ETKA Audi Service Training

ETKA 7.1 is a complete electronic spare parts catalog for all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat.

This catalog is a computerized database that collects all VAG parts so you can find them by part group, name or illustration. ETKA allows you to search for details, narrow your focus and find them - efficiently and accurately.

This Self-Study Program (SSP) is designed to teach ETKA navigation techniques.

SSP 348 Elsawin Download

This information is provided for informational purposes only. I strongly recommend that you buy these catalogs from Volkswagen AG as soon as possible if you like them and intend to use them.

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