Volkswagen Golf Variant 2007—2015 Workshop manual. Wiring diagrams

A collection of manuals in English for the maintenance and repair of the Volkswagen Golf Variant from 2007 to 2015 release. Manual for the repair of the engine, transmission, chassis. Color wiring diagrams, sensor locations, timing replacement, error codes and vehicle diagnostics.

6-speed automatic gearbox 09G Download

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Workshop Manual Electrical System, General Information Download

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Workshop Manual Electrical system Download

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Repair Manual 5-Speed Manual Transmission 0A4 Download

Repair Manual 6-Speed Manual transmission 02Q Download

Repair Manual 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission 0AM Download

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Workshop Manual Electrical System, General Information Download

Workshop Manual Electrical system Download

Volkswagen Golf  Variant

Volkswagen Golf Variant is a compact front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive wagon that combines modern technical stuffing, a solid interior and stylish appearance.

First of all, it is worth noting the new TSI petrol engine. Despite the modest volume of 1.4 liters, this power unit, depending on the settings, can produce 140 or 170 hp. With. We managed to remove such power by using a compressor and a supercharger at the same time. As you would expect based on the design data, the motor is distinguished by smooth traction almost from idle and up to 5000 rpm. The 170-horsepower version of the engine accelerates the station wagon to “hundreds” in just 8.5 seconds - this is clearly not a workhorse, but a frisky thoroughbred horse. And don't forget the high-tech DSG dual-clutch transmission. It allows you to accelerate with virtually no interruption of traction to the wheels. There are no complaints about the mechanical box either. The lever strokes are quite short, and the shifts are clear.

Those who know how to count money will obviously like the other two engines that power the Variant. The first is a simple and reliable aspirated 1.6 liter (102 hp), which is included in the basic equipment of the car. The second is a 105-horsepower 1.9-liter turbodiesel. According to the manufacturer, it consumes about 5.2 liters. fuel per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. Even if we traditionally add another liter to this figure obtained under ideal conditions, the appetites are really quite moderate. Not without reason this complete set is chosen by the European businessmen and other representatives of small business. True, they do not have to deal with frosts "over thirty" and the disgusting quality of diesel fuel in the Russian outback.

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