Audi TT Workshop manuals. Wiring diagrams DTC

Audi TT 1998-2023 Service and Repair Manual. Colored wiring diagrams, Error codes, fault diagnosis, Engine and transmission repair. Body and chassis repair. PDF Free Download

Audi TT Mk1

  • Audi TT (8N3) 1999 - 2006
  • Audi TT Roadster (8N9) 1999 - 2006

Refrigerant R134a Servicing Download

VW-Audi Diagnosis: Actual Value and Basic Setting Download

Engine AWP, AWW: Ignition system, servicing Download

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Audi TT Mk2

  • Audi TT (8J3) 2007 - 2014
  • Audi TT Roadster (8J9) 2007 - 2014

Audi TT 2007 ➤ 4-cylinder direct petrol injection engine (2.0 ltr. 4-valve turbo TTS), mechanics Download

Audi TT 2007 -> Maintenance Procedures Download

The Volkswagen 2.0 Liter Chain-Driven TSI Engine Download

Auxiliary heater, Workshop Manual Download

Audi TT 2007 -> 6-speed manual gearbox 02Q Download

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Audi TT Mk3

  • Audi TT Mk3 (FV3) 2015 -
  • Audi TT Roadster 3 (FV9) 2015 -

Generic Scan Tool. Engines CNTA, CNTC, CXCA, CXCB. Repair Manual Download

1.8/132 kW TSI and 2.0/162 kW TSI engines. Workshop Manual Download

1.6L 66/77/81 kW; 2.0L 105/110/135 kW TDI CR Engine. Workshop Manual Download

4-cylinder diesel engine (1.6 L and 2.0 L 4V, TDI Common Rail, EA288) Download

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7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0DL Download

Audi TT

Audi TT • 1st generation (8N) • 1998–2006

The compact sports coupe Audi TT began to be produced at a plant in Hungary in 1998, a little later the lineup was replenished with a roadster with a soft folding roof.


The car, created on the front-wheel drive Volkswagen PQ34 platform from Golf, was equipped with a 1.8-liter gasoline turbo engine that developed from 150 to 225 hp. With. depending on modification. The transmission could be manual or automatic, and the most powerful versions could have all-wheel drive.

In 2003, the Audi TT 3.2 quattro version with a VR6 3.2 engine (250 hp) and all-wheel drive went on sale. And for a surcharge, a preselective DSG robotic gearbox was offered for her - the sports car became one of the first production cars with this type of transmission.


At the end of the conveyor life in 2005, the Sport version debuted, under the hood of which there was a 1.8-liter turbo engine boosted to 240 forces. Such a car could only be all-wheel drive, it did not have an open version.

Audi TT • 2nd generation (8J) • 2006–2014

The second-generation sports car, which debuted in 2006, became larger than the previous model and received a new body, some of the parts of which were made of aluminum. The car was based on the PQ35 "golf" platform and, as before, was offered in two versions: a four-seat coupe and a two-seat roadster with a fabric roof.


The Audi TT received new gasoline turbo engines with direct injection 1.8 TFSI (160 hp) and 2.0 TFSI (200/211 hp), an upgraded naturally aspirated VR6 3.2 engine with 250 hp. With. migrated from the first generation of the model. And in 2008, the sports car also got a diesel version, equipped with a two-liter power unit that develops 170 forces.

The car was still offered with front or all-wheel drive, with manual or robotic preselective gearboxes. For a surcharge, buyers could order an electronically controlled Magnetic Ride suspension.


In 2008, the Audi TTS version debuted, under the hood of which was a 2.0 TFSI engine, boosted to 272 hp. sec., and a year later the lineup was replenished with a modification of the Audi TT RS with an in-line five-cylinder turbo engine with a capacity of 340 or 360 forces. Such cars could only be all-wheel drive.

Audi TT • 3rd generation • 2014

Now the base sports car is a two-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 245 hp. with., seven-speed robotic gearbox and front-wheel drive. The Audi TTS model is equipped with a boosted engine developing 306–320 hp. with., robot and all-wheel drive transmission.


At the top of the lineup is the Audi TT RS version with a 2.5-liter five-cylinder petrol turbo engine (400 hp), a robotic gearbox and all-wheel drive.

Initially, diesels, a manual transmission and weaker gasoline units were offered for the car, but later these versions disappeared from the range.

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