Skoda Superb B5 Workshop manuals. Wiring Diagrams

Manual for the operation and repair of a Skoda Superb since 2002-2008. Collection of self-study programs on the device of the car. includes a detailed description of the operation, maintenance and repair of the car, a description of the operation and technical characteristics of systems and assemblies. Methods for diagnosing faults and ways to eliminate them are considered in detail. The tightening torques of threaded connections, fault codes are given. Wiring Diagrams, Relays and Fuses. Free Viewing (PDF)

  • Skoda Superb (3U4) 2002 - 2008

Skoda Superb B5 Wiring diagram

Skoda Superb B5

How reliable is a used Skoda Superb (B5) and what are the main problems? The main thing to say right away is that these cars are well known at the service station, all the pros and cons are known, both to the owners, and to the mechanics at the service station. The first generation Skoda Superb was often bought by organizations and enterprises as a company car for "transportation" of some kind. Not least due to the fact that the rear row of seats offered the most space in the class. In addition, the price of the car pleasantly pleased the budget when buying. But how reliable is the Skoda Superb, and how often did you have to visit a service station unscheduled?


Body and interior

The Skoda Superb is well protected against rust disease. All panels are galvanized, and the paintwork is of pretty good quality. True, quite a few cars have already been in light accidents during their “career”, so corrosion can be seen on some body panels: sills, rear wheel arches and trunk lid.


Salon equipment also does not cause any special problems. True, there are some comments. The stove / interior fan often makes noise and gives up quite early, and the gear knob coating is quickly wiped off. Also, due to water ingress, the power window control unit on the front door often needs to be replaced. And indeed, the power window mechanism on the Skoda Superb 1 is not the most reliable.

Engines and gearboxes

The 1.8T engine got the first place in popularity. This motor with a very good motor resource up to 500 - 600 thousand km. The turbine is one of the weak points of the motor. But there is good news: a new turbine is not in short supply, and you can easily buy a non-original spare part of quite good quality, saving a considerable amount of money. The turbine resource on the Skoda Superb in a 1.8-liter engine is about 150 thousand km. Then either repair or replace. It is also worth noting the problems with the timing chain and the phase regulator. On long runs, you also have to change two camshafts due to wear of the sprocket gears, which is quite expensive. But again, there are analogues to the original, so you can save a little.


In addition to the 1.8T engine, under the hood of the Skoda Superb, you can also find diesel units 1.9 and 2.5, and a six-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of 2.8 liters.

It is worth noting that all motors are rather inconvenient to maintain, especially when it comes to replacing the timing kit. Sometimes you have to disassemble the floor of the front end for this procedure, which increases the cost of replacement.


In diesel units, there are often problems with pump injectors that have to be changed, and the cost of the spare part is not small - 600 USD. Most often, the problem occurs due to problematic high-pressure pumps of the high-pressure fuel pump, which kill the injectors. And all the fault is low-quality diesel fuel.


5- and 6-speed manual gearboxes are practically eternal, in addition, they still have excellent shifting clarity. Automatic boxes are less strong, their resource is up to 300 thousand. True, in general, the machine fails active drivers and those who like to skid. The main condition for extending the life of the box is to update the oil on time.

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