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Audi_A3 S3 4-cyl_TDI injection_and glow_plug system (4-cyl. unit_injector) ASZ_ATD AXR_Download

Audi_A3_S3 Diesel Direct_Injection and_Glow Plug System (TDI 4 cyl.) >07.99 AGR_AHF_ALH_Download

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Audi_A3_S3 Motronic_Injection and Ignition_System (4-cyl.) 08.97_AGN_Download

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Audi_A3_S3 Simos injection and ignition system (4-cyl.) APF_AVU_BFQ_Download

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Audi_A3_S3 5-gear_manual gearbox_02C four wheel_drive/final drives (EAJ_EHQ_EUL_FEW_FEX)_Download

Audi_A3_S3 5/6 gear_manual gearbox 02M_four wheel_drive/final_drives (EHR_EUK)_Download

Audi_A3_S3 5/6-speed manual_gearbox 02M, four_wheel drive/gearbox (DQB_DXW_EFY)_Download

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Audi_A3_S3 Automatic_gearbox 01M_Download

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Audi_A3_S3 Automatic_gearbox 09A_Download

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Audi_A3_S3 General Body_Assembly Exterior_Download

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Audi_A3_Cabrio 2008 General_Body Repairs_Download

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Audi_A3 (Typ 8V) 2013+ Maintenance_Download

Audi_A3 (Typ 8V)4-cyl. direct_injection (2.0l. 4-valve TFSI,EA888_Gen. III, B cycle) CZPB_CZRA_DBFB_DKZA_DKVA_Download

Audi_A3 (Typ 8V)4-cyl. direct_injection_engine (1.2, 1.4 ltr. 4-valve_TFSI EA 211)_Download

Audi_A3 (Typ 8V)4-cyl. direct_injection engine (1.8l. 4-valve_TFSI – gen. III, China) CUFA_Download

Audi_A3 (Typ 8V)4-cyl. direct_injection engine (1.8 ltr, 2.0 ltr_4-valve TFSI – gen_III)_Download

Audi_A3 (Typ 8V)Servicing 4-cyl_engine, 2.0 ltr. 4-valve_TFSI (EA 888_Gen. III, B cycle)_Download

Audi_A3 (Typ 8V)Servicing 4-cyl_engine, 2.0 ltr_4-valve TFSI (EA 888_Gen. III)_Download

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Audi_A3 (Typ 8V)General body_repairs, exterior (Cabriolet)_Download

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Problems Audi A3 III generation

Audi A3 in all its generations is, in fact, a luxury version of the Volkswagen Golf hatchback. They are built on the same platform and most of the units they have in common. Only the interior trim of the car from Ingolstadt is better, and the list of equipment is longer. This attracts aftermarket buyers despite Audi’s higher prices. After all, maintaining a used A3 of the III generation is not very expensive: spare parts cost the same as for the “folk” Golf VII, and in general the car is quite reliable. Volkswagen has cured many of the ailments common to older models, although some may still resonate.


1. Oil consumption

The notorious “oil burner” in VAG engines became a byword at the end of the 2000s. And by the time the third-generation A3 debuted, several “revisions” had already been arranged for turbo engines, therefore, for example, the problem of wearing or sticking piston rings is less relevant here. More often they declare themselves only in the second hundred thousand kilometers of run. However, on engines with a volume of 1.2 and 1.4 liters, increased oil consumption can occur much earlier.


What to do?

For these motors, the most likely cause of the “oil burn” is valve stem seals that do not cope with their duties. Alas, replacing penny rubber bands is most likely not enough: worn valve guides do not allow them to work normally. They, in turn, are much more difficult to replace, and sometimes you even have to install a new cylinder head assembly.

2. Timing drive

The problem of fast-pulling timing chains, which is typical not only for VAG engines, has already been solved on the third generation of the A3. Moreover, for “small” turbo engines, it was solved radically – by replacing the chain with a toothed belt. On more powerful 1.8TFSI and 2.0TFSI engines (it began to be installed after restyling), the tensioners were finalized and the chain itself was strengthened – now it serves 120-150 thousand km. But errors “in phases” still periodically light up the Check Engine lamp.


What to do?

The culprit of the malfunction, which usually manifests itself as unstable idling, is the phase shifter control valve. There are four of them in the engine (two hydraulic and two electromagnetic), and they serve approximately the same. Therefore, experts recommend changing all valves at once when errors occur.

3. injection pump

All A3 engines are turbocharged, with direct or combined fuel injection. So, they all have a high-pressure fuel pump – alas, not very reliable. On engines 1.2 and 1.4, it can fail after 60-80 thousand km, for 1.8 and 2.0 – closer to 100 thousand km.


What to do?

The high-pressure fuel pump, like the rest of the fuel equipment of direct injection engines, really does not like low-quality and simply dirty fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel only at proven gas stations of reputable brands.

4. Turbine valve

Here is another problem that a turbo engine can throw up to the owner, especially after a long parking. If the engine is reluctant to gain momentum, and the car accelerates poorly, then the turbocharger valve is most likely to blame, relieving excessive turbine pressure – the so-called “wastegate”.


What to do

In most cases, the problem is in the rod connecting the control valve to the damper in the turbine – over time, it loses mobility. Often it is enough to lubricate the assembly with a penetrating lubricant, and the error goes away. In advanced cases, you have to change the entire valve. For the 1.8TFSI engine, it is not sold separately, but the craftsmen learned how to install a wastegate from other turbines.


Quattro versions with all-wheel drive are in high demand among used Audi A3s. Not only because of himself, but also because such machines have a more reliable 6-speed DSG “robot” with oil bath clutches. Front-wheel drive cars are equipped with a 7-speed gearbox with “dry” clutches, which last less.


What to do

DSG boxes have long been learned to repair, so the failure of the “robot” is not a sentence. The main thing – when buying a used A3, check the condition of the transmission. Computer diagnostics allows you to find out the entire history of the box: residual life, clutch, overheating and even mileage in each gear. A more serious problem, fortunately occurring infrequently, is the failure of the DSG control system (mechatronics), which is also possible on a 6-speed gearbox. The hydraulic part of the assembly is still repairable, but the electronics usually have to be changed.

6. All-wheel drive clutch

Having bought an Audi A3 with quattro all-wheel drive, you should not relax: even at a relatively low mileage (up to 60 thousand km), it can turn into a front-wheel drive car due to the failure of the multi-plate clutch that transmits torque to the rear wheels.


What to do

The fifth generation Haldex coupling was installed on the A3 of these years of production. Her problem is the lack of an oil filter. And it is gradually filled with friction wear products, which disable the pump that creates pressure in the system. Therefore, it is better to change the oil in the clutch more often, at least once every 30–40 thousand km. And if the all-wheel drive still failed, then the pump can be replaced separately

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