Volkswagen Engine Workshop Manual

On this page you will find a repair manual for Volkswagen engines of all models. Diagnostics of malfunctions, error codes, repair of the fuel system, disassembly and assembly of the engine, the manual is divided into parts for easy search of the section you need.

4-cylinder Diesel Engine 2.0l (CDCA CDBA CNEA CSHA CNFA CNFB) Workshop Manual

Diesel Engine 2.0l Technical data Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Removing and installing engine Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Crankshaft group Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Cylinder head, valve gear Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Lubrication Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Cooling Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Fuel supply system Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Turbocharging/supercharging Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Mixture preparation – injection Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Exhaust system Download

Diesel Engine 2.0l Glow plug system Download

4-Cyl. Injection Engine (1.8L & 2.0L, Chain Drive) Workshop Manual

CC 2010 Eos 2006 Golf 2004 Golf 2009 Passat 2006 Passat CC 2009 Scirocco 2009 Tiguan 2008


1.8L & 2.0L Technical data Download

1.8L & 2.0L Removing and installing engine Download

1.8L & 2.0L Crankshaft group Download

1.8L & 2.0L Cylinder head, valve gear Download

1.8L & 2.0L Lubrication Download

1.8L & 2.0L Cooling Download

1.8L & 2.0L Fuel supply system Download

1.8L & 2.0L Turbocharging/supercharging Download

1.8L & 2.0L Mixture preparation – injection Download

1.8L & 2.0L Exhaust system Download

1.8L & 2.0L Ignition system Download

1.4L Injection Engine (4-cylinder, Turbocharger, CAXA CMSB) Workshop Manual

CAXA, CMSB: Eos 2006 Golf 2004 Golf 2009 Golf Plus 2005 Golf Plus 2009 Passat 2006

Passat 2011 Passat Variant 2011 Scirocco 2009 Tiguan 2008

1.4L Engine Technical data Download

1.4L Engine Removing and installing engine Download

1.4L Engine Crankshaft group Download

1.4L Engine Cylinder head, valve gear Download

1.4L Engine Lubrication Download

1.4L Engine Cooling Download

1.4L Engine Fuel supply system Download

1.4L Engine Turbocharging/supercharging Download

1.4L Engine Mixture preparation – injection Download

1.4L Engine Exhaust system Download

1.4L Engine Ignition system Download

2.0L Direct Injection Engine (4-Cyl,) Workshop Manual

Engine: BLR, BLX, BLY, BVY, BVX, BVZ Eos 2006+ Passat 2006+

2.0L Engine Technical data Download

2.0L Engine Removing and installing engine Download

2.0L Engine Crankshaft group Download

2.0L Engine Cylinder head, valve gear Download

2.0L Engine Lubrication Download

2.0L Engine Cooling Download

2.0L Engine Fuel supply system Download

2.0L Engine Mixture preparation – injection Download

2.0L Engine Exhaust system Download

2.0L Engine Ignition system Download

4-cyl. injection engine (2.0l engine, chain drive) CCTA CBFA CCZA Download

4-cyl. injection engine (1.2l direct injection engine, EA111, turbocharger) CBZB Download

4-cyl. injection engine (1.2l engine, 4V,turbocharger) CYVD Download

4-cyl. injection engine (1.4l direct injection EA111 engine) CNWA CAVD CTHD CTKA Download

4-cyl. injection engine (1.4l, 4V, EA211, turbocharger) CZDA Download

4-cyl. diesel engine (2.0l engine, common rail, gen. II) CFFB Download

4-cyl.diesel engine (1.6l engine, common rail) CAYC Download

4-cyl. injection engine (1.8l, 2.0l TFSI engine, EA888, gen.III) DDSA DDSB Download

4-cyl. injection engine (1.8l, 2.0l TFSI engine,EA888, gen.III) CPLA CPPA CPKA CPRA CULC Download

4-cyl. common rail engine (2.0l, 4V, turbocharger) CVCA CUUA CUUB DELA DEBA Download

4-cyl. common rail engine (2.0l, 4V, turbocharger) DGMA CUUA CUUB DELA Download

4-cylinder injection engine (1.6 l roller rocker finger) (BGU BSE BSF) Download

4-cylinder diesel engine (1.9l engine) (BJB BLS BSU) Download

4-cylinder diesel engine (2.0l engine, 2 valve) (BDJ BST) Download

4-cylinder diesel engine (2.0 l engine, 2-valve, TDI) (BMM) Download

4-cylinder injection engine (1.4 l engine) (BCA BUD) Download

4-cylinder injection engine (natural gas) (BSX) Download

4-Cyl. injection engine (2 valve), Mechanics (AFT 1F ADZ) Download

4-Cyl. injection engine (4 valve), Mechanics (APE AUA) Download

4-cyl. diesel engine, Mech. (without intermediate shaft) (AGP AGR ALH AQM ASV AYQ) Download

4-Cyl. injection engine (2 valve, roller rocker finger), Mechanics (AKK ANW AUD) Download

4-Cyl. injection engine, Mechanics (1.4 and 1.6l engine) (AEE AEX AKV APQ ANX ALM) Download

4-cyl. injection engine Mechanics (1.6 l engine) (AEH AKL APF AUR) Download

4-cyl. diesel engine, Mechanics (AEY AFN AHB AHU AKW ALE 1Y) Download

VW 6-cylinder CBRA Injection Engine CBRA Individual Workshop Manual Download

VW 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine With Unit Injector Workshop Manual Download


Volkswagen 4-cylinder Diesel Engine (1.9L Engine) Workshop Manual Download


5-cylinder diesel engine (Engine ID BJJ, BJK, BJL, BJM, CEBA, CEBB, CECA, CECB) Download

4-cylinder diesel engine (2L engine, CR) (Engine ID CKTB, CKTC, CKUB, CKUC, CSLB, CSNA, CSLA, CSLC) Download

The 2.0ltr. FSI Engine with 4-Valve Technology – Self-study programme 322 | Online PDF

1.4-litre/77kW FSI engine  1.6-litre/81kW FSI and 1.4-litre/ 63kW FSI Download

1.4 ltr. and 1.6 ltr. FSI Engine with Timing Chain – Self study programme 296 Download

1.4 ltr./63 kW FSI Polo

1.4 ltr./77 kW FSI Lupo

1.6 ltr./81 kW FSI Golf/Bora

1.6 ltr./85 kW FSI Touran

Volkswagen 4-cyl. Injection Engine (1.6L, direct injection) Workshop Manual Download

1.9L 4-Cylinder – Turbo DieselALH Engine Service manual Download

4-cylinder direct injection engine (1.5l engine, 4V, EA 211, turbocharger)

Arteon 2018+, Golf 2017+(Sportsvan, Variant), Passat 2015-2019, Polo 2018+, T-Roc 2018+.

Tiguan 2016+, Touran 2016+. Workshop Manual Download

4-cyl. direct injection engine (2.0l, 4 V, EA 888 gen III BZ, turbocharger, chain drive)

Arteon 2018+, Polo 2018+, T-Roc 2018+. Tiguan 2016+, Tiguan rus 2017+, Download

4-cylinder common rail (1.6l and 2.0l, 4V, turbocharger, EA 288)

Arteon 2018+,  Passat 2015+, Passat Variant 2015-2019, Download

4-cylinder common rail engine (2.0l, 4V, bi-turbo, EA 288)

Arteon 2018+, Passat 2015-2019, Passat Variant Download

1.8l and 2.0l, 4V, EA888 gen III, turbocharger, chain drive

Arteon 2018+, Golf 2013-2017 (Variant), Passat 2015 Variant, Sharan 2016+, Tiguan 2016+,

Tiguan rus 2017+, Touran 2016 Download

Engine 4-Cylinder Direct Injection (2.0L 4V EA 888 Gen III Turbocharger Chain Drive)

Atlas 2017 Atlas 2020 Atlas (PA) 2020+ DCD CXD Repair Manual Download

Engine-6-Cylinder Direct Injection (3.6L Engine 4V) 

Atlas 2017 Atlas 2020 Atlas (PA) 2020+ CDV Repair Manual Download

The most reliable Volkswagen gasoline engines according to owner reviews


The first in terms of reliability is the MPI motor BSE. This is one of the reliable and time-tested engines. Timing belt, aluminum cylinder block with thick-walled cast-iron sleeves and an eight-valve head - a simple power unit.


Among the minuses, many note the absence of any dynamics, there is no “spark” in his behavior. Weak on overtaking, intended only for the delivery of passengers from point "A" to point "B", without emotions and impressions.


Since it began to be produced in the distant "bearded" years and it was bought exclusively for everyday driving, and for the most part they were equipped with a manual transmission, they have significant mileage today. Finding a "live" version with low mileage in the secondary market will be problematic. Yes, they can "depart" more than half a million kilometers, but time is merciless to them.


In addition, the latest versions do not have piston cooling nozzles. As a result, coking of oil scraper rings occurs much earlier. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the vibration at idle, but this does not affect the reliability of the engine.


Volume of 1.2 liters 105 horsepower with a timing chain drive. The motor is problem free. But due to the small volume, it is not much appreciated, it is problematic to find it on the secondary market. The main thing is to change the chain and oil during


In terms of power, he came to replace the aspirated BSE. Feels like it rides better, more dynamics. It can be found on Skoda Yeti before restyling.

Engine CAXA (EA111)

The volume is 1.4 liters with a turbine and a chain in the gas distribution mechanism for 122 horses. According to the experience of operation and repair, this engine is considered the most reliable in the TSI line. Repeatedly received awards in the nomination "Engine of the Year".


No increased oil consumption. This is due to the successful use of stacked oil scraper rings. Up to sane runs, this motor does not suffer from "oil burn". It starts only when ellipticity appears in the cylinder.

EA888 Gen 3 (CJSA/CJAB)

Among engines of 1.8-2.0 liters, it is considered a reliable turbocharged engine. Established from 2011 to present. Got rid of the problems of previous generations, but remains demanding on such points:

  • Monitor the condition of the chain by the teeth of the tensioner through the service window;
  • Oil change twice as often as required by the regulations - 7500 km;
  • fuel quality;
  • Temperature control, more often flush cooling radiators.

1.9 TDI (AFN)

According to owners and auto mechanics, this is the most reliable Volkswagen diesel engine. Produced from 1991 to 2010. Simple in design, had a turbine, eight valves and direct fuel injection.


Differed from competitors by low diesel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers, a large resource. Only to 300 thousand km. characteristic problems for diesel engines appeared - increased oil consumption, blue smoke in the exhaust pipe when pressing the gas pedal.

1.9 TDI PD (AHN)

The logical continuation of the AFN series. Engineers left the same volume, but changed the fuel system, installed pump injectors. Increased torque at the same power.


For lovers of tuning. This engine and its ancestor are well chipped. It is possible to increase from 90 forces to 110-130 hp. There were extreme people who doubled the power and did not experience serious problems. But the service life was reduced, it is worth considering.

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