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Seat Ateca

Initially, the SEAT Ateca crossover started with a design in the style of the SEAT Leon (already of the previous generation), but the planned update gave new headlights, like the flagship SEAT Tarraco model - narrow "blades" emphasized by complex LED edging. Plus a standard set: a new hexagonal grille, a modified bumper, a different fog lamp surround.


The volume of changes is small, but noticeable - first of all, new headlights and the inscription of the model name in italics are remembered. Plus bumpers, edging, wheels. In a word, they managed with "little blood": so as not to change the body panels - but so that the updated SEAT Ateca crossover was immediately recognizable.


What's with the salon?

Not tight! A high roof, flat sidewalls, a voluminous rear end, an overall “elongated” body shape - all this works for interior space. You always expect “a lot of air” in the front: after all, there is a huge windshield and separate seats with a large range of adjustment. The SEAT Ateca crossover does not fail, but it does not surprise either - it is spacious in front. But what surprises the SEAT Ateca is the spaciousness in the back: a lot of legroom, a lot of headroom. Plus, add ventilation, a successful tilt of the seat back, a massive armrest, a couple of cup holders, roomy pockets on the doors ...

At a cursory glance, the changes are barely noticeable: only a new steering wheel flows into the eye. However, the car is revealed in details: new multimedia - with a convenient menu, a new steering wheel - heated. Other novelties include fabric upholstery with striped inserts. Rear spacious: high roof, comfortable fit, plenty of legroom. Yes, and the trunk is gorgeous - a rectangular shape, 510 liters of volume, hooks for bags, a handle for folding backrests,

The main novelty under the hood is a 1.5-liter TSI turbo engine with the function of deactivating the ACT cylinders. If you drive along the highway at a speed of 80-90 km / h and with a minimum load, then the engine switches to 2-cylinder mode and the instantaneous consumption drops to an incredible 3.5-3.8-4 liters per 100 kilometers!

Although during real driving, the consumption indicators are somewhat different: at a speed of 80-90 km / h - about 5-5.5 liters per 100 km; at a speed of 110-120 km / h - about 7 liters per 100 km of track. When driving around the city, an average of 8-8.5 liters per 100 km comes out; with a lot of traffic jams - get ready for 9.5 liters per 100 km; but on empty roads and with a smooth driving style, you can get 7-7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

The SEAT Ateca model will have a dozen or two direct rivals: you can get lost! Therefore, I will note only five cars that will give an understanding of the market. Firstly, SKODA Karoq: almost everything is the same, only cheaper. However, the advantage of SEAT Ateca is that your neighbor does not have such a car - at least some share of originality, which is in price today.


However (and this is secondly) for those who are thirsty for originality, there is a Volkswagen T-Roc: with a “fashionable” design and a more famous brand. In this case, SEAT can answer with a salon - better trim in front, more space in the back. Thirdly, if space and comfort are important to you, then you can choose a Toyota RAV4 with a 2-liter engine and front-wheel drive.

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