VW Golf Sportsvan (AM1) 2014 - 2019 Workshop manual. Wiring diagrams

Repair and Maintenance Manual Golf Sportsvan (AM1-AN1) 2014 - 2019, Wiring Diagrams, Error Codes and Diagnostics, Engine/Transmission Installation and Removed. Repair of the injection and ignition system. Suspension repair, Engines: 1.2l, 4V, EA 211, turbocharger. 1.5 l, 4V, EA 211, turbocharger, 1.6 TDI (CLHB) Common Rail, Petrol engine 1.5 TSI (DADA), 1.6L 66/77/81 kW; 2.0L 105/110/135 kW TDI, 4-cylinder diesel engine (1.6 L and 2.0 L 4V.

Transmission: Automatic Transmission 09G, 7-speed DSG 0GC, Gearbox 0D9 - DSG, 6-speed dual clutch gearbox 0D9, 0AJ.

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4-cylinder direct injection engine (1.2 l engine, 4V, EA 211, turbocharger) Download

4-cylinder direct injection engine (1.5 l engine, 4V, EA 211, turbocharger) Download

4-cylinder injection engine (1.6 l engine, 4V, EA 211) Download

4-cyl. direct injection engine (1.4 L, 4V, EA 211, turbocharger) Download

4-cylinder direct injection engine (1.5 l engine, 4V, EA211, turbocharger) Download

4-cylinder diesel engine (1.6 L and 2.0 L 4V, TDI Common Rail, EA288) Download

1.6L 66/77/81 kW; 2.0L 105/110/135 kW TDI CR Engine. Workshop Manual Download

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Spark-ignition three-cylinder engine 1,0l TSI 85 kW series EA211 Download

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Running gear, axles, steering Download

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VW Golf Sportsvan Automatic Transmission 09G, Repair Manual Download

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Automatic 6-speed gearbox 09G, Workshop Manual Download

Gearbox 0D9 - DSG. Workshop Manual Download

6-speed dual clutch gearbox 0D9 Download

Direct Shift Gearbox 0D9. Repair Manual Download

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General body repairs, interior Download

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Communication Workshop Manual Download

VW Golf Sportsvan Electrical system Download

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Fitting Locations Fuse box diagram and Relay Download

Current Flow Diagram Download


  • 1.2l petrol engine CYVA, CYVB
  • 1.4l petrol engine CZCA, CZDA
  • 1.6l petrol engine CWVA
  • 1.6l diesel engine CRKA, CRKB
  • 2.0l diesel engine CRLB, CRVA
  • 1.6l diesel engine CXXA, CXXB, DDYA, DDYB
  • 1.0l petrol engine CHZC, CHZK
  • 1.6l diesel engine DBKA
  • 2.0l diesel engine CRVA
  • 2.0l diesel engine CRLB, CRLD, DCYA, DCYB
  • 1.4l petrol engine CPVB
  • 1.6l diesel engine DDYA, DDYB, DGTE
  • 2.0l diesel engine DCYA, DFGA
  • 1.5l petrol engine DACA, DADA, DPBA, DPCA
  • 1.0l petrol engine DKLB, DKRF

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan (AM1, AN1)

At the spring Geneva Motor Show in 2014, the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan debuted. The novelty is the ideological successor of the Plus model and is designed to become an intermediate link between a hatchback and a full-fledged station wagon. For the first time, the model could be seen as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last autumn. The production model has not received significant changes. It is worth noting the angular elongated headlights with large focusing lenses and tiny direction indicators. The radiator grill is visually adjacent to the lighting equipment and extends from the edge of the hood to the bumper amplifier. It consists of several thin horizontally oriented ribs and flaunts the manufacturer's logo. Under it you can see a trapezoidal air intake, covered with a plastic grille. On the sides of it you can see angular recesses with blocks of fog lamps. In general, the model received a calm and unobtrusive design in the current corporate style.


The Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan is a five-seater subcompact van. Its overall dimensions are: length 4338 mm, width 1807 mm, height 1578 mm, and the wheelbase is 2685 mm. The clearance of the model is slightly less than the average - 144 millimeters. This landing is characteristic of most passenger cars. They hold the road well, can drive over a small curb and do not lose stability at relatively high speeds. The suspension of the car is also made in a fairly common way. Front - McPherson struts with anti-roll bar, and rear - semi-independent elastic beam.


From the regular version, the Sportsvan features a 48mm longer wheelbase and more headroom. Such minor changes have seriously increased the comfort in the cabin and practicality. The trunk boasts a good capacity. Depending on the position of the back row (it moves in the longitudinal direction by 18 centimeters), from 498 to 590 liters of usable space remains behind. Thanks to this volume, the model is perfect for everyday tasks of an ordinary motorist and at any time will be able to take on board overall luggage. If the owner decides to take on board a long cargo, he can always fold the back row and release up to 1520 liters.


The compact van is equipped with seven different engines, mechanical and robotic gearboxes and exclusively front-wheel drive. Thanks to the widest list of alternative units, the model becomes quite versatile and is able to satisfy the needs of a wide target audience. Everyone will be able to pick up a complete set to taste and a purse.


The backbone of the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan power line is a set of TSI turbocharged gasoline engines. They have a volume of 1 to 1.4 liters and, depending on the market and modification, give out from 85 to 150 horsepower. Acceleration to hundreds takes from 13.2 to 8.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 177-212 kilometers per hour. For lovers of heavy fuel units, the manufacturer can offer two four-cylinder TDI diesel engines. They have a volume of 1.6 and 2 liters, and also generate 110 and 150 horses. Diesel versions gain a hundred in 11.3 and 9.2 seconds, and the high-speed ceiling is 192-212 km / h.

Sportsvan is a worthy heir to the Plus model. It has a pleasant and unobtrusive design that perfectly emphasizes the character and personality of its owner. Such a car will harmoniously look both in a busy stream and on a freeway. The salon flaunts high-quality finishing materials, thoughtful ergonomics, high practicality and comfort. Even a family trip out of town or heavy traffic cannot cause unnecessary inconvenience to the driver. The manufacturer is well aware that models of this class should give pleasure from driving. That is why, under the hood of a compact van there is an excellent set of units that are an alloy of advanced technologies and unsurpassed German quality. Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan is a practical and economical car for every day.

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