Audi A2 2001-2003 Workshop and Repair Manuals

Audi A2 Repair and maintenance book. A reference illustrated publication on the repair, device, operation and maintenance manual for the Audi A2, which were produced from 2000 to 2005 and were equipped with 1.4 (75 hp) and 1.6 liter gasoline engines. (110 hp), as well as diesel engines with a working volume of 1.2 (61 hp) and 1.4 liters. (75 / 90 HP).


Contents: Dashboard, Audi A2 maintenance, 1.4L petrol engine. AUA, BBY, 1.6L petrol engine. BAD, Diesel engine 1.2 l. ANY, Diesel engine 1.4L. AMF, ATL, BHC, 02J Manual Transmission, 02T Manual Transmission, 085 DS Manual Transmission with Hydraulic Clutch, Suspension, Steering System, Brake System, Audi A2 Body, Audi A2 Electrical System, Heating / Climate System, Audi Wiring Diagrams A2, Symbols used on electrical diagrams.

Audi_A2 – Engine and_Gearbox – SSP 247 PDF_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Maintenance Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 3-cyl. TDI unit injector engine (1.4l. 2-valve), mechanics AMF_BHC_ATL Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 3-cyl. TDI injection and glow plug_system AMF_ANY_BHC ATL Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 3-cyl. diesel direct injection_engine (1.2 ltr. TDI), mechanics ANY Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 4-cyl_petrol injection engine (1.4ltr.), mechanics_AUA_BBY_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 4-cyl_direct injection_engine (1.6 ltr. 4-valve)_mechanics BAD Download

Audi_A2 Service_Manual MM-MPI_injection and ignition_system (4-cylinder) AUA_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual MM-MPI injection_and ignition system (4-cylinder) BBY_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual Motronic_Direct Injection and Ignition System (4-Cyl.) BAD_Download

Audi A2 Service Manual Motronic_direct injection and_ignition system (4-cyl.) BAD_(Edition 10.2015)_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Fuel supply system_petrol engines_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Fuel supply system, diesel_engines_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 5-speed_manual gearbox 02T_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 5-speed_manual gearbox 085 DS_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 5-speed_Manual Gearbox 085 DS Self-diagnosis_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual 5-speed_manual gearbox 02J_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual Wheels_and tyres_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual Running gear_front-wheel drive_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Running gear_self-diagnosis for ESP_steering_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Brake System_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Heating, air_conditioning system_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Additional heater_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual Air_conditioner with_refrigerant R134a_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Fitting instructions: radio_communication systems_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Fitting instructions: retrofitting_key-operated switch to_deactivate airbag on front passenger side_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual Radio, telephone and navigation system_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual Radio_telephone_and navigation system, self-diagnosis_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_General Body Repairs_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Body Repairs_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_General body repairs_interior_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_General body repairs, exterior_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Body Self-diagnosis_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Electrical system_General information_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Electrical System_Download

Audi_A2 Service Manual_Electrical system, Self-diagnosis_Download



EWD_(From_model year 2001)_Download

EWD_(From_model year 2003)_Download



AUDI_A2 – Body Construction and Function – SSP 239 PDF_Download


AUDI A2 TECHNOLOGY – SELF-STUDY PROGRAM 240 AUDI A2_Technology – Self-study program 240 PDF_Download


The serial assembly of this unusual 5-door hatchback-compact van (the car belongs to the golf class) was launched in 1999. The production of the Audi A2 was located in the city of Neckarsulm (Germany). In addition to the fact that this model received an original design in the style of a minivan, the car also stood out with a completely aluminum body.

In the Audi lineup, there is still only one model that has an all-aluminum body. This is the flagship A8 sedan. The use of an aluminum body made it possible to reduce the weight of the car and significantly reduce the fuel consumption of the Audi A2.


The Audi A2 model was officially supplied to the automotive market. Among the main competitors, it is worth noting the Mercedes A-class. By the way, at Mercedes, the release of a car in this niche also did not have much success.

Immediately after entering the market, the Audi A2 was equipped with a 1.4-liter gasoline power plant with a capacity of 75 horsepower. A little later, a modification of the Audi A2 came out with an FSI engine (with direct fuel injection) with a volume of 1.6 liters and a power of 110 horsepower. Of the representatives of the diesel family, there was a 1.2-liter turbocharged TDI engine with a return of 60 horsepower, as well as two 1.4-liter models of different capacities.

It was this 3-cylinder diesel engine that was installed under the hood of the most economical version of the Audi A2 3L. The combination of a diesel engine, a Start-Stop system and special tires allowed the Germans to achieve an Audi A2 fuel consumption of just under 3 liters per 100 kilometers.


In conjunction with the motors, a 5-speed manual transmission and a 5-band “robot” were used. The price of the Audi A2 car was excessively high. She even topped an Opel Zafira minivan. Sales were very sluggish and in 2005 the car was discontinued. In total, approximately 176 thousand copies of the Audi A2 rolled off the assembly line.

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