Audi A4 Service & Repair Manual. Wiring Diagram

Audi A4 B5 / A4 B6 (8E2) B7, B8, Workshop manual for petrol engines: ADP/AHL 1.6 l (1595 cm³) 100 hp/74 kW, ADR and APT/AFY/APW/AEB/AJL 1.8 l (1781 cm³) 124/119/149 /178 hp | 92/88/110/132 kW and diesel AFF/1Z/AHU/AHH/AFN 1.9 l (1896 cm³) 75/90/110 hp | 55/66/81 kW;

Instructions for use, maintenance and repair. Road repair, preparation for technical inspection, color wiring diagrams, control dimensions of the body. Audi A4 sedan 8D2 and station wagon 8D5 production models from 1995 to 2000

  • AUDI A4 1994-2001 Service manual
  • AUDI A4 CABRIOLET (B6/8H) 2003-2009
  • 1997-2001 AUDI A4 B5 Service Manual

Audi A4 (2007-2016) Service_Manual_Download

Audi A4 Manual_Utilizare_A4 B7 2004-2008_Download

Audi RS4_Service_Manual_Download



Audi_A4 1994-2001_Service Manual.rar_Download

Audi_A4 1995-2000 Service_Manual.rar_Download

Audi_A4 2,5D_TDI 1997-2001 – Diagnostics of fuel_injection system_Download

Audi_A4 2008_PDF_Manual_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Body.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Electrical_Equipment_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_Mechanical_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_AEB.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_AFC.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_AHA.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_APB.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_ATQ.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_ATW.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Engine_AWM.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Fuel System.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Heating and AC.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Maintenance.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Suspension Wheel and Brakes_Download

Audi_A4 Avant 95-01 Service & Repair_Manual – Transmission.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 B6 Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 B7 Owners_Manual.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 B7_Quick Reference_Guide.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 B8 Owner’s Manual.pdf_Download

Audi_A4 1994-2001 Service_Manual.rar_Download

Audi_A4 1995-2000 Service_Manual.rar_Download

Audi_A4 Electrical_Wiring Diagram_electrical schematics_connectors harness and pinouts_Download


AUDI A4 CABRIOLET (B6/8H) 2003-2009


Audi_A4 4-cyl. engine (5-valve_turbo), mechanics AWT_AWM_Download

Audi_A4 4-cyl. TDI Engine_Mechanics AJM_ATJ_Download

Audi_A4 4-cyl. engine (2-valve), Mechanics_ADP_Download

Audi_A4 4-cyl. engine (2-valve)_mechanics AHL_ANA_ARM_Download

Audi_A4 4-cylinder engine (2-valve_roller rocker_fingers), mechanics_ALZ_Download

Audi_A4 4-cyl. engine (5-valve), Mechanics ADR_AFY_APT_ARG_AVV_Download

Audi_A4 4-cyl. Diesel Direct_Injection Engine (TDI)_Mechanics 1Z AFF_AFN_AHH_AHU_AVG_Download

Audi_A4 4-cyl_engine (1.8 ltr. 5-valve_turbo), mechanics_AEB_AJL_ANB_APU_ARK_ATW_Download

Audi_A4 6-cyl_Engine (2-valve) Mechanics AAH_ABC_Download

Audi_A4 6-cyl_engine (5-valve_turbo), Mechanics_AGB_AZB_Download

Audi_A4 6-cyl_diesel direct injection_engine (TDI), mechanics AFB_AKN_Download

Audi_A4 6-cyl_engine (5 valve), mechanics_ACK_AGA_AJG_ALF_ALG_AML_AMM_AMX_APR_Download

Audi_A4 6-cyl_2.7 ltr_5-valve turbo (RS_4), mechanics ASJ_AZR_APB_Download

Audi_A4 Diesel_direct_injection and glow_plug system (4-cyl.) >06.97 AFF_AHU_AFN_1Z_Download

Audi_A4 TDI_Injection and Glow_Plug System (4-cyl.) 07.97 > 07.99 AFF_AFN_AHH_AHU_Download

Audi_A4 TDI diesel injection and glow plug system (4-cyl.) 08.99+ AFF AFN AHH AHU AVG_Download

Audi_A4 TDI_diesel direct_injection and glow_plug system (4-cyl. unit_injector) AJM_ATJ_Download

Audi_A4 TDI_injection and glow_plug system (6-cyl.) AFB_AKN_Download

Audi_A4 Simos injection and ignition system (4-cyl.) AHL_ARM_Download

Audi_A4 Simos_injection and ignition_system (4-cyl.) ANA_ALZ_Download

Audi_A4 MotronicvFuel Injection and_Ignition System (6-cyl. Turbo) AGB_AZB_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic Fuel Injection and Ignition_System (4-cyl) Turbo_AWT_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic Fuel Injection and Ignition_System (6-cyl) AML AMM AMX_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic Fuel_Injection and ignition_system (4-cyl.) 07.96+ ADR_AFY_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic Injection and_Ignition System (4 cyl.)>06.96 ADR_AEB_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic_fuel injection and ignition_system (4-cyl.turbo) > 07.96 AEB_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic injection and ignition system (4-cyl. turbo) ANB APU_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic injection and_ignition system (4-cyl.) APT_ARG_AVV_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic injection_and ignition system (6 cyl. turbo) ASJ_AZR_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic injection and ignition_system (6-cyl.) AQD_APR_Download

Audi_A4 Motronic injection and ignition system (6-cyl.) ACK_ALG_Download

Audi_A4 MPI fuel injection_and ignition_system_AAH_Download

Audi_A4 Fuel_supply system – Diesel engines_Download

Audi_A4 Fuel supply_system – Petrol_engines_Download

Audi_A4 5 & 6-Speed_manual gearbox 01E, Front_wheel drive (DQS_DSE)_Download

Audi_A4 5 and 6-speed_manual gearbox_01E, front-wheel_drive_Download

Audi_A4 6-speed_manual gearbox 01E Four-wheel_drive_Download

Audi_A4 5-speed_manual gearbox 01A_four-wheel drive_Download

Audi_A4 5-Speed_Manual Gearbox_01A (4WD)_Download

Audi_A4 5-Speed_Manual Gearbox 012/01W Front-wheel_Drive (Edition 11.1997)_Download

Audi_A4 5-speed_manual gearbox 012/01W_front-wheel_drive (Edition 01.2012)_Download

Audi_A4 Servicing_automatic gearbox 01V_front-wheel drive_and four-wheel drive_Download

Audi_A4 Automatic_Gearbox 01V_Self-diagnosis_Download

Audi_A4 Automatic_Gearbox 01VFWD and 4WD_Download

Audi_A4 Automatic_gearbox 01N_Download

Audi_A4 Automatic_gearbox 01N_Self-diagnosis_Download

Audi_A4 Running_gear, Front-wheel_drive and four-wheel_drive_Download

Audi_A4 Running_Gear Self-diagnosis for ABS_ESP_Download

Audi_A4 Wheels_and tyres_Download

Audi_A4 Brake_System_Download

Audi_A4 Air conditioner_with refrigerant_R134a_Download

Audi_A4 Heating_Air Conditioner_Download

Audi_A4 Fitting_instruction_Download

Audi_A4 Fitting instructions: radio_communication systems_Download

Audi_A4 Fitting_instructions: retrofitting key-operated_switch to deactivate_airbag_Download

Audi_A4 Radio_Telephone and_Navigation System_Download

Audi_A4 Radio_Telephone and Navigation System – Self diagnosis_Download

Audi_A4 Removing_and installing air_mass meter_Download

Audi_A4 General_Body Repairs_Download

Audi_A4 General_Body Assembly_Download

Audi_A4 Body_repairs_Download

Audi_A4 General Body_Assembly, Interior_Download

Audi_A4 Body_Self-diagnosis_Download

Audi_A4 Electrical_system_Download

Audi_A4 Electrical_system, self_diagnosis_Download

Audi_A4 EWD (From_November 1994)_Download

Audi_A4_EWD (From model year 1998)_Download

Audi_A4 EWD (From_model year 2000)_Download



Audi_A4 B5 (Typ 8D) Service_Repair_Manual 1994-2001_Download

 AUDI_A4 1997-2001 1.8 Turbo_5V (AWM )_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 1.8 Turbo 5V (AEB_ATW)_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 2.7 V6 5V_Biturbo (APB )_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 2.8 V6 2V_(AFC )_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 2.8 V6_5V (AHA & ATQ)_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 Fuel_System_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 5 speed_Automatic Transmission_01V OBD_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 5 speed_Automatic_Transmission 01V_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 5 speed_Manual Transmission 012-01 front_wheel drive_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 5 speed_Manual Transmission_01A all wheel drive_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 6 speed_Transmission 01E_Download

AUDI_A4 1997-2001 Electrical_Equipment_Download




Fitting instructions: retrofitting key-operated switch to deactivate airbag on front passenger side



Audi_A4 2008 – Self-Study Programme 409_Download

Dynamic Steering in_the Audi A4_2008 – Self-Study_Programme 402_Download

The new Audi_A4 2005 – Self-Study_Programme 343_Download

Audi_A4 Cabriolet_Convertible Top Control_SSP 314 Online_Download

The Audi A4_Cabriolet | SSP_278 Online_Download

AUDI_A4 2001 – Technical_Features – Self-study_programme 254_Download

Audi A4 B6 / B7 Workshop manual. Wiring diagram

  • A4 B6 (8E2) 2001 - 2005
  • A4 Avant B6 (8E5) 2001 - 2005
  • A4 B7 (8EC) 2005 - 2008
  • A4 Avant B7 (8ED) 2005 - 2008
  • A4 Cabriolet (8H7) 2004 - 2006
  • S4 (8E/8H), Audi RS4 quattro (8E/8H) 2006-2008

Book – manual in PDF format: Download

4-cylinder diesel engine AJM, ATJ, AVB, AVF, AWX with unit injector Download

Refrigerant R134a Servicing Download

Multitronic 01J, front-wheel drive Download

Servicing multitronic 01J and 0AN Download

Servicing automatic gearbox 01V, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive Download

Audi A4 B6 (8E) Schematic diagram of Bosch instrument panel connection Download

Audi А4 B6 – 2001-2005 fuse and relay Download

Audi A4 B8 Workshop manual. Wiring diagram

  • A4 B8 (8K2) 2008 - 2015
  • A4 Avant B8 (8K5) 2009 - 2015
  • A4 Allroad B8 (8KH) 2010 -

6-cylinder TDI engine (2.7l and 3.0l 4-valve common rail) Download

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Repair Manual Download

Refrigerant R134a Servicing Download

Audi A4 (8K) 2008 , Audi A5 Cabriolet (8T) 2009, Brake systems Download

Audi A4 B8 - Current Flow Diagram Wiring Diagrams Download

Five generations of the Audi A4:


The best among the worthy

A sporty, reliable, obedient middle-class car with a longitudinally mounted engine, front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive has become the manufacturer’s bestseller. It is the Audi A4 that holds the sales record. Why the Quartet became so popular and how it has changed from generation to generation


The beginning of history and the first generation

The pioneer was the Audi F103 series, which includes models 60, 75, 80, as well as Super 90 (manufactured from 1965-1972). It is easy to guess that the numbers in the names indicated the amount of horsepower. The Audi 80 was used as a common name for the lineup. In 1994, it was replaced by the Audi A4.


The Audi A4 sedan was presented in October 1994. The positive reaction of the professional community made it possible to start mass production. It started within a month.


The first generation Audi A4 was produced from 1995 to 2001. Models with 4-cylinder engines were available to buyers: 1.6-liter with 101 hp. and 1.8-liter for 170 hp. By the way, the last engine (which could well be put on sports cars) was first installed on a car of this class.


The design provided for the layout of the engine with a five- or six-speed manual gearbox. In some modifications, a four- or five-speed “automatic” was installed.


Two years after the premiere, a station wagon model was brought to the market, as well as an all-wheel drive version of the A4 Quattro. The top model of the line was the Audi S4 with a 2.7-liter bi-turbo 6-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 265 hp.


Design features

In addition to the “mechanics” and “automatic”, the manufacturer installed a completely new transmission option on the first generation models: tiptronic. The mechanism, created on the basis of the technical achievements of Porsche, gave the driver the opportunity to switch to mechanics or automatics at any necessary moment.


Since 1995, a power window on the front doors has become part of the standard equipment. But the sunroof could only be installed as an option.


The first generation suspension had a sporty setup with wishbones at the front and rear and anti-roll bars to maintain maximum stability.


The first generation of the Audi A4 has a tradition of using the highest quality materials for the body with a ten-year warranty. And it was true. Even in the places of chips on the galvanized coating, rust did not form.


Second generation: continuation of tradition

The next generation Audi A4 cars (2000-2006) were produced with the B6 index. Outwardly, the new items were similar to the A6 and something to the A8. Models have become longer (by 69 mm), wider (by 33 mm) and higher (by 13 mm). A 3-liter engine with 220 hp was offered as a power unit. with manual or automatic transmission.


The first to present a car in a sedan body with standard aerodynamic drag characteristics (43 modifications for the entire generation). From the outside, it seemed that the car had a small luggage compartment, but in practice it turned out not to be the case. Later, options appeared in station wagon (32 modifications) and convertible (10 options).


Continuing the traditions of the first generation, the manufacturer has relied on a reliable galvanized body. So protection from negative external factors and corrosion were guaranteed.


Audi A4 second generation dealers jokingly began to call “custom constructors.” All thanks to the manufacturer’s original idea: instead of standard equipment options, customers could choose options and equipment for their car on their own.

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