Audi A3 Engine & Transmission Service Repair manuals

On this page you can download in PDF format for free a repair manual for engines and transmissions of Audi A3 cars and VAG group cars on which these engines and transmissions are installed.

Audi_Engines ETKA – Engine Code Download

Audi 1.2l_TFSI Engine – Self Study Programme 485 Online Download

Audi 1.4_ltr. – TFSI_Engine | SSP 432 Online Download

Audi Chain-Driven 1.8 litre 4V TFSI_Engine | SSP 384 Download

Audi A3_Sportback | SSP 332 Service Training Online Download

Audi A3_2004 Electrical_System | SSP 31 Download

6-speed_Automatic Gearbox 09G | SSP_291 Online Download

AUDI A3 2004_SSP 290 Online Download

Audi A3 – The Engineering_SSP_182 Online Download

Audi A3 Vehicle_Introduction | SSP_181 Online Download

Audi A3 2004_Direct petrol injection_4-cyl. 2.0 ltr. Mixture preparation – injection Download


AUDI A3 (8P,8P1,8PA) 2003-2007

Audi A3TDI injection and glow plug system (4-cyl_2.0l_unit injector, 4-valve) BKD_BMN_BUY_AZV Download

Audi A3TDI injection and glow_plug system (4-cyl_1.9l_unit injector, 2-valve) BKC_BXE Download

Audi A3TDI injection and glow_plug system (4-cyl_1.9l_2.0l. unit injector, 2-valve) BMM_BLS Download

Audi A3TDI injection and glow_plug system (4-cyl_2.0l_4-valve_CR) CBAA_CBAB_CBBB_CBEA Download

Audi A3TDI injection_and glow_plug system (4-cyl_1.6l_4-valve common rail) CAYB CAYC Download

Audi A3TDI injection and glow_plug system (4-cyl_2.0 ltr_4-valve common_rail, generation II) Download

Audi A34-cyl. TDI_unit injector_engine (1.9l_2.0l_2-valve), mechanics_BMM BLS Download

Audi A34-cyl. TDI_engine (1.6l. 4-valve common rail)_mechanics CAYB_CAYC Download

Audi A34-cyl. TDI engine (2.0l_4-valve common rail), mechanics_CBAA_CBAB_CBBB CBEA Download

Audi A34-cyl_TDI unit injector_engine (1.9l_2-valve), mechanics_BKC_BXE Download

Audi A3_4-cyl_TDI unit injector engine (2.0l_4-valve), mechanics_BKD_AZV_BMN BUY Download

Audi A3_4-cyl. injection engine (1.6l_2-valve), mechanics BGU_BSE_BSF_CCSA CMXA Download

Audi A3_4-cyl. direct injection_engine_(1.4l_4-valve_TFSI), mechanics_CAXC CMSA Download

Audi A3 4-cyl._direct injection_engine (1.2l_2-valve_TFSI), mechanics CBZB Download

Audi A3 4-cyl. TDI engine (2.0l_4-valve_common rail – gen_II), mechanics_CFFA_CFFB CFGB_CLJA Download

Audi A3 4-cyl_direct petrol injection (2.0l_4-valve), mechanics AXW BHD_BLX_BMB_BLY_BLR_BVY_BVZ Download

Audi A3 4-cyl. direct petrol injection (2.0l_4-valve_turbo), mechanics AXX_BPY_BWA_BHZ_BZC_CDLA_CDLC Download

Audi A3 4-cylinder direct petrol injection engine (1.6l_4-valve), mechanics_BAG_BLP_BLF Download

Audi A3 4-cylinder direct_injection engine (1.8_2.0 ltr. 4-valve_TFSI_generation II) Download

Audi A3 5-cylinder_direct injection engine (2.5l_4-valve TFSI) CEPA_CEPB Download

Audi A3 6-cyl_injection engine (3.2l_4-valve), mechanics BDB_BMJ_BUB_CBRA Download

Audi A3 Injection_and ignition_system (6-cyl_3.2lr_4-valve injection engine) BDB_BMJ_BUB_CBRA Download

Audi A3 Direct petrol injection and ignition system (4-cyl_2.0l_4-valve turbo with_timing chain) Download

Audi A3 Direct petrol injection and ignition_system (5-cyl_2.5l_4-valve turbo) CEPA_CEPB Download

Audi A3 Direct injection and_ignition system (4-cyl_1.2l_ 2-valve_TFSI engine) CBZB Download

Audi A3 Direct petrol injection_and ignition system (4-cyl. 1.8l. 4-valve turbo, timing chain) BYT_BZB_CDAA_BPU Download

Audi A3 Direct petrol injection_and ignition_system (4-cyl_2.0l. 4-valve) AXW_BHD_BMB_BLX_BLY_BLR_BVY_BVZ Download

Audi A3 Direct petrol_injection and_ignition system (4-cyl_2.0l_4-valve turbo) AXX BPY_ BWA_BHZ_BZC_CDLA CDLC Download

Audi A3_Direct injection and_ignition system (4-cyl_1.4l. 4-valve TFSI engine) CAXC_CMSA Download

Audi A3 Simos injection and ignition system (4-cyl.) BGU_BSE_BSF_CCSA CMXA Download

Audi A3 Motronic direct injection and ignition system (4-cyl.)_ BAG_BLP_BLF Download

Audi A3_Servicing_4-cylinder engine, 1.8 ltr_2.0 ltr_4-valve TFSI (EA_888, Gen. II) Download

Audi A3 Fuel supply system, petrol engines Download

Audi A3 Fuel supply system, diesel engines Download

Audi A3 5-speed manual gearbox_0A4 Download

Audi A3_5-speed manual gearbox_0AF Download

Audi A3_6-speed manual gearbox_0AG Download

Audi A3_6-speed manual gearbox_0AJ Download

Audi A3_6-speed manual gearbox 02Q_four-wheel drive (Edition 12.2018) Download

Audi A3_6-speed manual gearbox 02Q_front-wheel drive (Edition 07.2019) Download

Audi A3_6-speed manual gearbox_02S Download

Audi A3_7-speed dual clutch gearbox_0AM (S tronic) Download

Audi A3_7-speed dual clutch gearbox_0BH (S tronic) Download

Audi A3_Automatic gearbox_09G Download

Fuses diagram Audi Fuses and Relay Audi A3_8p Download


Audi A3 Transmission

What to choose when buying a car: automatic, manual or CVT? And there are robots too! An automatic transmission is more expensive, but for this money the motorist gets comfort and is not nervous in traffic jams. Mechanical transmission is cheaper, its advantage is ease of maintenance and durability. As for the variator, its strong point is fuel economy, but the reliability of the variators is not up to par yet. As a rule, no one speaks well of a robot. CVT is a compromise between automatic and mechanics, like any compromise it has more minuses than pluses.


Audi A3 is available with the following types of transmission: automatic transmission, manual transmission, CVT.


Audi A3 (2012-2017)

The third generation Audi A3 was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. A couple of months later, a three-door hatchback went on sale, and in July, a five-door modification. The sedan appeared next spring. Russian car sales started almost simultaneously with European ones. were supplied to our market exclusively with gasoline engines of 1.2 liters (105 hp), 1.4 liters (122 and 140 forces) and 1.8 liters (180 hp). All engines were combined with a 6-speed “mechanics” or a 7-band S-Tronic dual-clutch robot. For the most powerful version with a 1.8-liter power unit, an all-wheel drive transmission was offered with a 6-speed dual-clutch robot operating in an oil bath.