Audi 80 Avant 1992-96 Service Repair Manual (B4/TYP 8C,8C2,8C5)

Audi 80 B4 (Typ 8C) Avant with petrol 4-cylinder engines: ABT / ABK 2.0 l (1984 cm³) 90-115 hp / 66-85 kW, five-cylinder NG 2.3 l (2309 cm³) 133 hp ./98 kW, six-cylinder ABC 2.6 l (2598 cm³) 150 hp/110 kW, AAH 2.8 l (2771 cm³) 174 hp/128 kW and turbodiesel AAZ TD/1Z TDI (1896 cm³) 75- 90 hp / 55-66 kW; Operation, maintenance and repair manual, color wiring diagrams, technical specifications, device, diagnostics, design features.


Audi Service_Manual 92-96_Maintenance_Download

Audi_Service_Manual 92-96 4 Cyl_Fuel injection_engine (2_valve), Mechanics (ABT_ABK)_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 6-cyl_fuel injection_engine (2.6l. engine_2 valve), mechanics (ABC)_Download

Audi_Service_Manual 92-96 Diesel Direct Injection and Glow Plug System < 03.94 (Engine ID 1Z)_Download

Audi Service Manual 92-96 Diesel_Direct Injection and Glow_Plug System > 02.94 (Engine ID 1Z)_Download

Audi Service Manual 92-96 Digifant Fuel Injection and_Ignition System_06.93 (Engine ID_ABK)_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Digifant_injection and ignition_system 07.93_Engine ID ABK_ADW_Download

Audi Service Manual 92-96 Motronic_Fuel Injection and_Ignition_System (5-Cyl.) (ABY)_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Mono-Motronic_injection and ignition_system (4-cyl.) 07.92 > Engine ID_ABM_ABT_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 MPI_fuel injection and_ignition system(6-cylinder) _06.94 Engine ID_AAH_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96_Mono-Motronic injection_and ignition_system (4-cyl.) > 06.92_Engine ID_ABM_ABT_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 MPI_Fuel Injection and_Ignition System (4-Cyl.) (ADA)_Download

Audi Service Manual 92-96_MPFI fuel injection_and ignition_system (6-cyl.) (Engine_ID ABC_ACZ)_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 MPI_fuel injection and ignition_system(6-cylinder) 07.94 < Engine ID AAH_Download

Audi Service_Manual_92-96 KE III Jetronic/ignition_system (5-cyl.) (Engine ID NG)_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 KE_Motronic injection_and ignition system (4-valve) (Engine ID_ACE_6A)_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Fuel_supply system – Diesel_engines (Engine ID 1Z AAZ)_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Fuel_supply system – petrol engines_Download

Audi_Service_Manual 92-96 5-Speed_manual gearbox 012, Front-wheel drive_Download

Audi_Service_Manual 92-96 5-speed manual_gearbox 01A four-wheel drive_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 6-Speed Manual Gearbox 01E Four-Wheel Drive_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Automatic_gearbox 01N_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Automatic_gearbox 01N_Self-diagnosis_Download

Audi Service Manual 92-96 Automatic_Gearbox 097_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Automatic gearbox 097, Self-diagnosis_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 4WD Running_gear_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 FWD Running_gear_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Wheels_tyres Workshop_Manual_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Air conditioner_with refrigerant R134a_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Heater, Air conditioner_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 General_Body Repairs_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 General_body_repair_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Electrical_system_Download

Audi Service_Manual 92-96 Avant_RS2_94_SM_Download

AUDI 80 / AUDI 90 (B3/89,893,894) 1987-1989

Audi Workshop_Repair Manual (B3/89_893,894) – 5-Speed_manual gearbox 01 A, 4×4_Download

Audi Workshop_Repair Manual (B3/89_893,894) – General_Body Repairs_Download

Audi Workshop_Repair Manual (B3/89_893,894) – General_body repairs – Audi Coupe_Download

Audi Workshop_Repair Manual (B3/89,893,894) – Heating_Air_conditioner_Download

Audi 80 series B4 (1991–1995)

For five years of production, the body has not lost its relevance. He just needed a rethink in the light of the rapidly changing requirements for middle-class cars. The first thing that was reviewed was the insufficient capacity of the trunk. To do this, we had to design a new rear suspension – with linked levers. The freed space between the trailing arms came up to accommodate the spare wheel.


The back of the rear seat could now be folded in parts, increasing the boot capacity from 430 to 710 liters (according to the VDA methodology). In the most expensive versions, the backrest was additionally blocked through the central lock. Finally, for those who needed even more space, Audi AG has returned the Audi 80 Avant wagon (Typ 8C5) to the production program.

At the same time, the Audi 90 model disappeared from the program. From now on, even powerful 5-cylinder modifications were designated with the index 80.


External changes Audi 80 series B4 (Typ 8C2) are not very striking. The new hood with an “influx” on the radiator grill made the car related to the models of older families. Became larger headlights and taillights. The bumpers were reminiscent of those previously seen on the Audi 90 model. The wheel arches widened somewhat for new tires with a landing diameter of 15 inches (the Audi 80 of the B3 series had 14 inches).


In the line of engines, a modest 1.6-liter “four” (90 hp) with Bosch Mono Motronic central injection was adjacent to engines never before used by the brand: a gasoline V6 (2.6 liter, 150 hp or 2 .8 l, 174 hp) and turbodiesel (4 cylinders, 1.9 l, 75 hp). Thrill-seekers at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1993 were offered something quite exotic: based on the Audi 80 series B4, the RS2 Avant sports all-wheel drive station wagon with a 2.2-liter 5-cylinder turbocharged in-line gasoline engine with 315 hp. With. The car was developed jointly with Porsche. The increased proportion of quattro models in the Audi 80 program spoke of the growing popularity of all-wheel drive. Since January 1993, the Audi 80 of the B4 series has been equipped with an anti-lock brake system, and since 1994, like all Audi AG models, with a driver’s airbag as standard. The passenger airbag became standard a year later. Significantly improved interior trim and sound insulation.

In November 1994, the production of the Audi A4 began in Ingolstadt. At the same time, the assembly of station wagons of the B4 series continued. The last Audi 80 Avant left the assembly line in December 1995. 858,908 Audi 80 B4 cars of all modifications and 2891 RS2 Avant cars were produced.

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