Skoda Rapid 2013- Service Repair Manual. Wiring diagrams

Skoda Rapid 2013- 2023 Workshop Manual, Electrical wiring diagrams, engine and transmission repair, diagnostics, error codes list DTC, fuse box diagram and relay. Skoda Rapid (NH1, NH3) 2013 - . (NK3) 2014 -, Spaceback (0G3) 2013 -.

The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free. (eng.)

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  • 1.6l petrol engine CWVB, CWVA
  • 1.4l petrol engine CZCA
  • 1.2l petrol engine CJZC, CJZD
  • 1.4l diesel engine CUSB
  • 1.6l diesel engine CXMA

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  • 1.2l petrol engine CBZA, CBZB
  • 1.6l diesel engine CAYB, CAYC, CLNA
  • 1.2l petrol engine CGPC
  • 1.4l petrol engine CAXA
  • 1.6l petrol engine CFNA

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Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid engines

1.2 MPI The 1.2 MPI (CGPC) 3-cylinder 12-valve engine, which Rapid got from Fabia, initially caused enthusiastic exclamations from the owners.


The inability to properly carry out the entrusted, for the 1.2 MPI motor, also adversely affected the resource. A piston without major repairs lasts about 250,000 km. But that is not all. The “eternity” of the timing chain also turned out to be short-lived. After 100 thousand runs, there are frequent cases of chain slippage with all the ensuing consequences (bent valves, crushed pistons, broken cylinder head).


1.6 MPI The same 4-cylinder 8-valve engines 1.6 MPI for 90 and 105 horses (CFNB, CFNA), which have already set the teeth on edge for many, are also installed on the Skoda Rapid. Structurally, both units are absolutely identical, and the number of horses is determined only firmware in the ECU. Banal chip tuning magically turns CFNB into CFNA.


Most of all, Skoda Rapid owners are afraid of the CFNA feature, which manifests itself even during the warranty period. The same knock of pistons that once bothered the owners of the VW Polo. For those who noticed strange sounds during warm-up in time, the pistons were changed under warranty, the rest considered this normal and sometimes drove 300 tkm without adding oil and losing traction. But not everyone went smoothly. There have been cases when scoring on the cylinders led to the loss of compression and, accordingly, to the "capital" on a pathetic 100,000 km by modern standards.

1.4 TSI - a classic from VAG

The 122-horsepower turbocharged 1.4 TSI engine with the EA211 index is one of the best Volkswagen engines in terms of economy and efficiency, and it's hard to disagree with this.


In general, a more complex turbocharged unit turned out to be no more harmful than its opponents in the Skoda Rapid engine compartment. In the first versions of the motor, due to a defective tensioner, the timing chain was prematurely stretched and “jumps” occurred with the destruction of pistons and rings, bending of valves, and breakdown of phase change couplings. Not uncommon were malfunctions associated with the operation of the pump and direct injection system.

Disadvantages of soft suspension

In general, a simple front McPherson, like other cars of this class, pleases with reliability and low cost of parts. The only thing that strains the nerves of the owners is the oil sweating of still fresh shock absorbers, which dealer servicemen call a design feature. Indeed, this does not affect driving performance, safety and even reliability, but the feature itself, you see, is strange.

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