Volkswagen Up! Workshop Manual. Wiring Diagrams

Volkswagen UP! 2011-2021 Repair and Maintenance Manual, color wiring diagrams, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse box locations.  SSP prog. Troubleshooting, Mechanical Transmission/Engine. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free. 

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  • Volkswagen  e-up! (BL1) 2014 - 2016
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  • Volkswagen e-up! (BL3) 2020 - 2022

Volkswagen UP! / E-Up! Electrical system. Fuse and Relay

Volkswagen UP!

Volkswagen Up is one of the popular urban models of Volkswagen AG. It went into series production in 2011. At the same time, it was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And production began in the winter in Bratislava. Sales started in 2012.


Of the advantages - high build quality and low operating costs. This is a versatile and practical hatchback for the city, which will delight you with reliability and convenience.


Volkswagen Up is quite nimble and maneuverable, which is important for a city car. Management is responsive and balanced. The turning radius is 4.9 meters. This is enough to organically join the busy city traffic. Among the shortcomings - a slight engine noise when accelerating. But the cabin is quite comfortable. Strong and reliable suspension copes with urban bumps in the road.


Configuration Features

An important feature of the Volkswagen Up is the lightness of the car. Developers confidently continue to struggle with weight. Compared to models of similar dimensions, Volkswagen Up is lighter by a couple of tens of kilograms. At the same time, the body is made of high-strength steel.


Optimization of the connecting rod-piston system of the engine made it possible to get rid of the balancing mechanism. The weight of the basic configuration with a manual gearbox is a little more than 900 kg. And this is with a powerful body, active electronics, four airbags and other additional options.


Another feature is a roomy trunk with a double bottom. In fact, it is more than it looks: 251 liters in a four-seater configuration. If you fold the rear seats, this volume increases to 951 liters.


But keep in mind that during long country trips, rear passengers may not be entirely comfortable. There's nothing to hold onto on difficult roads, and visibility isn't too good. But this is more than enough for the city.

In addition to different models, there are additional packages that involve expanding the configuration and functionality for an additional fee.


Volkswagen did a good job on the ergonomics of the cabin. There are different panel colors and designs. The main material is high-strength plastic. The steering wheel is height adjustable. But the possibility of adjusting the seats depends on the configuration. Also in the cabin there are several compartments and compartments for various little things.

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