Audi A5 Service Repair Manual. Wiring Diagrams

AUDI A5/S5 (8T,8T3,8TA) 2007-2016 Service Workshop Manuals, Repair Manual, Parts Catalogue Electrical Diagnostics, Wiring Diagrams, Electrical Service Manual. Error Codes. PDF Free Download

  • Audi A5 (8T3) 2008 - 2016
  • Audi A5 Sportback (8TA) 2010 - 2016
  • Audi A5 Cabriolet (8F7) 2010 - 2017


Cooling, heating and air conditioning system

Injection systems, ignition

Fuel system

Front and rear suspension

Brake system


Gearboxes, clutch


electrical equipment

General documentation

Audi_A5 Maintenance (Edition 12.2017) Service_Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Maintenance (Edition 11.2015) Service_Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Technical data for_diesel engines Service_Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Technical data for petrol engines Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 TDI injection and glow_plug system (4-cyl_2.0l. 4-valve CR) Service_Manual_Download

Audi_A5 TDI injection_glow plug system (4-cyl. 2.0l_4-valve common_rail, gen. II) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 TDI_injection_and glow plug_system (6-cyl. 2.7 ltr_3.0 ltr. 4-valve_common rail) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 TDI_injection and glow_plug system (6-cyl. 3.0 ltr_4-valve common_rail, gen. II) Service_Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl. TDI_engine (2.0l. 4-valve_common rail) CAGA_CAGB_CAGC_CAHA_CAHB CMEA_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl_TDI engine_2.0l. 4-valve_common_rail (EA288_Gen. I)_CNHA_CNHC_CSUA CSUB_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl_direct injection_engine (1.8l, 2.0l_4-valve_TFSI_gen. III) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl. direct injection engine (1.8l_2.0l. 4-valve_TFSI – gen_II) CABB_CABA_CABD_CAEA_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl. TDI_engine (2.0l. 4-valve common rail -gen. II) CJCB_CGLC_CGLD_CJCA_CMFA_CJCC_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl_TDI engine_(2.7l.; 3.0l. 4-valve_common rail) CAMA_CAPA_CAMB_CCWA Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl. TDI_engine (3.0l_4-valve_common rail – gen_II) CDUC_CLAB_CKVB_CKVC_CKVD_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl. direct injection_engine with_supercharger (3.0 ltr_4-valve_TFSI) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl_direct injection_engine with_supercharger (3.0l_4-valve TFSI_EA837_evo) CREC_CRED_CTDA_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl_direct petrol_injection_engine (3.2l. 4-valve) CALA_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 8-cyl. direct injection_engine (4.2l. 4-valve_RS4_RS5)_CFSA_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 8-cyl_direct injection engine (4.2l. 4-valve)_CAUA Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Direct_injection and ignition_system (4-cyl. 1.8l_2.0l_4-valve turbo – gen_III) CJEB_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Direct_petrol injection and ignition system (4-cyl. 1.8l_4-valve turbo_with timing chain) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Direct_petrol injection and_ignition system (4-cyl. 1.8l. 4-valve turbo_with timing chain) CABD Download

Audi_A5 Direct petrol_injection and ignition_system (4-cyl. 2.0l. 4-valve turbo with timing chain) CDNB_CAEB Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Direct petrol_injection and ignition_system (8-cyl. 4.2l. 4-valve)  CAUA_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Direct petrol injection_and ignition system (8-cyl_4.2l. 4-valve), RS4_RS5_FSA Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Simos direct petrol_injection and_ignition system (6-cyl. 3.0 ltr_TFSI 4-valve) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Simos_direct petrol injection_and ignition_system (6-cyl_3.2l_4-valve) CALA_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_4-cylinder engine_1.8 ltr_2.0 ltr. 4-valve_TFSI (EA 888_Gen. II) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_4-cylinder engine_2.0 ltr_4-valve TFSI (EA888_Gen. III) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Fuel supply system_diesel engines_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Fuel_supply system_petrol engines_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B1, front-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B2, four-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B3, front-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B4, four-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_7-speed_dual clutch_gearbox 0B5 (S tronic)_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 8-speed automatic_gearbox_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5_Servicing multitronic_0AW Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B1_front-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B2_four-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B3_front-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-speed_manual gearbox 0B4_four-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 7-speed_dual clutch gearbox_0B5 (S tronic) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 8-speed_automatic gearbox_0BK, four-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Automatic_gearbox 0B6, four-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Multitronic 0AW_front-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Rear_final drive 0BC_0BD_0BE_0BF Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Rear_final drive_0BD Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Rear_final drive_0BF and 0BE – sport_differential Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Running gear_axles_steering Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Running gear_front-wheel_drive and_four-wheel_drive Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Brake_system_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Air_conditioner with_refrigerant_R134a Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Air conditioners_with refrigerant_R1234yf – General_information Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Auxiliary heater_supplementary_heater Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Heating_air conditioning_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Communication_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – Extended_service interval Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – Exterior_mirrors Service_Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – Running_gear, steering wheel Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – Windows_and doors_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – adaptive_cruise control Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – entry and_start authorisation Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – exterior_lights_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – infotainment_and_audio output (MOST) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – infotainment_and navigation_system Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – interior_lights Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – lane change_assist (Audi side assist) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – lane departure_warning (Audi_lane_assist) Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 System_description – wiper and_washer systems_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Specifications_for testing the_braking force Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Fitting instructions_Filling roof side_member with_foam Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Fitting instructions_radio communication_systems Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Trailer_Operation Guide_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Wheel/Tyre_Guide_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Wheels and tyres Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 General_Body Repairs_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Body Repairs_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 General body repairs_exterior Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 General body repairs_interior Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Electrical system_General information_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Electrical system_Service Manual_Download

Audi_A5 EWD (From_June 2007) Service Manual_Download

AUDI A5 (F5,F53,F57,F5A) 2016-2020 WORKSHOP MANUALS

Audi_A5 Maintenance_Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Technical data for engines_Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl_direct injection_engine (2.0l. 4-valve_TFSI, EA888 Gen. III) CYMC_CYRB_CYRC Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl. direct injection engine (2.0l. 4-valve TFSI, EA888 Gen. III, B cycle) CVKB_DBPA Workshop_Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl_TDI engine, 2.0l. 4-valve_common rail (EA288_EVO) DEZE_DEZB Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl. TDI engine, 2.0l. 4-valve CR (EA288 Gen. I) DETA_DEUA_DEUB_DESA_CZHA_DEUC DETB Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 4-cyl_direct injection engine (1.4 ltr_4-valve TFSI_EA211) CVNA Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl_TDI engine, 3.0l_4-valve common_rail (EA897 – Gen_II) DCPC_DCPE Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl_TDI engine, 3.0l_4-valve common_rail (EA897_Gen. I) CRTC_CSWB Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6-cyl. TDI engine_3.0l. 4-valve common_rail (EA897 – Gen. II, S4, S5) DEWA_DEWB Workshop_Manual_Download

Audi A5 6-cyl_direct injection_engine (2.9l., 3.0l. 4-valve TFSI EA839) CWGD DECA Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_4-cylinder engine_2.0 ltr. 4-valve TFSI (EA888_Gen. III) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_4-cylinder engine, 2.0 ltr_4-valve TFSI (EA888, Gen_III B cycle) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 4-cylinder_TDI engine, common_rail (EA 288 Gen. I) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 4-cylinder_TDI engine_common rail (EA_288 EVO) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 6-cylinder_TDI engine, common rail (EA_897 Gen. I) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 6-cylinder_TDI engine, common rail (EA 897 Gen_II) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_6-cylinder engine_2.9 ltr., 3.0 ltr_4-valve TFSI_EA 839 Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Natural gas engines_General information (CPWA_CVLA_DHFA) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Fuel supply_system Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Fuel_supply system_g-tron (CVLA) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 6_speed manual_gearbox 0CS_0DJ_0CX Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 7-speed_dual clutch_gearbox 0CJ, 0CK, 0CL, 0DN, 0DP Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5_8-speed automatic_gearbox 0D_Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing 6-speed_manual_gearbox 0CS_0DJ_0CX Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_7-speed dual_clutch gearbox 0CJ_0CL_0CK_0DN_0DP_0HL Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Servicing_8-speed automatic_gearbox Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Rear_final drive 0D2_0D3_0DB_0B0_0BX_0DG_0G2_09R Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Running gear_axles_steering Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Wheel/Tyre_Guide_Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Brake_system Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Air_conditioners_with refrigerant_R1234yf – General_information Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Air conditioner_with refrigerant_R134a Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Auxiliary/supplementary heater Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Heating_air conditioning Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 CommunicationWorkshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Fitting instructions: radio_communication_systems Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 General body repairs_exterior Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 General body repairs, interiorWorkshop Manual_ Download

Audi_A5 Body_Repairs (A5/Sportback) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Body_Repairs (Cabriolet) Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Electrical_system; General_information Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5 Electrical system_Workshop Manual_Download

Audi_A5_EWD (From_July 2016) Workshop Manual_Downloa

A5 What to take? Successful versions:

  • There are no mega-reliable engines on the A5, all versions with runs over 100 thousand will require expensive repairs. Of all the least risk, cars with 1.8 or 2.0 TFSI after 2013, as well as earlier ones, but which have already survived the replacement of the piston group, carry the least risk.
  • Among the transmissions, the best are mechanics and a hydromechanical automatic machine. Both of these are rare.
  • Diesels in general are also not bad, but they are, again, very difficult to find.

What not to take? Failed Versions:

Gasoline V6 and V8 of all, perhaps, will be the most ruinous to maintain. 1.8 and 2.0 before replacing the piston are also problematic, but to a lesser extent. Details will be in the relevant section.
Restyling and dorestyling
The update happened in 2011, 4 years after the start of production. In addition to changes in appearance (headlights, lights, bumper, grille, air intakes, etc.), the car has become a centimeter longer. In addition, she was relieved of the hydromechanical machine and the atmospheric 3.2 engine, adding a supercharged 3.0.


Body, corrosion
Pitting (so far) corrosion comes across in places of chipped paint on the edge of the hood, the front edges of the doors, as well as on the arches at the back.
Due to the low ground clearance, the external finishing plastic is often broken, the thresholds, exhaust system parts, suspension subframes and, most unpleasantly, the engine pan are jammed.


TFSI inline-fours – 1.8 (CJED, CDHB, CABD, CJEB and CJEE) and 2.0 (CDNB, CAEA, CDNC, CAEB, CNCD) belong to the same EA888 series and have a common problem – a piston group prone to oil waste. It was only really brought to mind by 2013, so most A5s from 1.8 and 2.0 are more or less prone to maslozhora. Updated pistons are on sale, the replacement is not cheap, but you need to be mentally prepared for this. The replacement of the pistons should be combined with the cleaning of the valves from coke, since the cylinder head has been removed. But that’s not all. The timing chain often stretches up to 100 thousand mileage, so diagnosing its tension is a must. The oil pump lives a little longer, and it is better to preventively change it to 120 thousand. Well, high-pressure fuel pumps with nozzles are not eternal, although when refueling with high-quality fuel, they should be enough for 150 thousand.


Atmospheric 3.2 FSI V6 (CALA) and 4.2 FSI V8 (CAUA, CFSA) will be even more expensive to maintain. The timing chain runs no more, if not less, and the complexity of the drive design makes the replacement cost high. The fuel system is more delicate and less durable, the piston and valve groups are also actively coking. In general, the absence of supercharging does not reduce the cost of ownership.


Turbocharged 3.0 TFSI (CMUA) is, in fact, the development of atmospheric 3.2. The boost compressor (yes, it’s not a turbine here) is quite reliable, the timing drive is a little more reliable (although you still need to look after stretching after 100,000), but the operating temperature is clearly too high, which caused scuffing of cylinder blocks. At a minimum, you need to check if the thermostat has been changed to a low temperature one.


Diesels on the general background can be considered very successful. Moreover, the 3.0 TDI (CCWB, CLAB, CKVB, CKVC, CDUC, CAPA, CCWA) will not disappoint in terms of dynamics at all, and the timing resource here is already from 150 thousand and above. True, there are typical diesel problems – you need to regularly clean the EGR valve, eventually remove the particulate filter, and closer to 200 thousand, prepare to repair the fuel system and replace the turbine.