Volkswagen Sharan 2 2011-2021 Service Repair manuals. EWD

Volkswagen Sharan 2, SEAT Alhambra 2 Workshop  Manual. Engine and transmission repair; chassis and steering gear; brake system, electrical equipment diagrams; body and interior elements. Error codes, fuse and relay diagram.

VW Sharan 2 (7N2) 2016 -

VW Sharan 2 (7N1) 2011 - 2016

SEAT Alhambra 2 (711) 2016 -

SEAT Alhambra 2 (710) 2011 - 2015

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VW Sharan 2 Wiring Diagrams. Fuse and Relay diagram

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Volkswagen Sharan 2 - Fitting locations: Fuses, Relays, Earth points, Control units Download

VW Sharan 2

Sharan II, like its counterpart Seat Alhambra, is built on the Passat B6 / B7 platform and is largely unified with this and other VAG passenger models of the 2010s. The chassis is quite reliable, the stabilizer struts, the rear silent blocks of the front levers and the upper supports of the front struts are the first to “surrender” in the suspension, but these are trifles! But the rail after 100 thousand km can already tap, occasionally there are power steering failures.


If we are talking about electrical and functional equipment, then here, as on other models of the concern of those years, the electromechanical parking brake and the climate control system are not reliable, but the rest should not cause problems.


Finally, the body. Sharan paintwork is delicate, resistance to mechanical damage is not very high, so chips appear quickly - and it is better to "heal" them promptly. Otherwise, the formation of pitting is very possible, and "launched" specimens will shock you with pieces of paint that have fallen off and rusty metal in exposed places. So, care is needed for the paintwork, and additional anti-corrosion treatment will definitely not be superfluous.

If you give preference to the 1.4 TSI engine (but it is the representative of the new EA211 family, which has gone since mid-2015)


If you choose from 2.0-liter versions, in our opinion, it is better to take a diesel one - it is at least more economical. The main thing is to find a copy with low mileage.


There is no need to be afraid of the 6-speed DSG - just remember that it requires careful handling and timely maintenance. The same can be said about the bodywork: if you want the car to last a long time, keep an eye on it and don’t start even minor bodywork problems.

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