Volkswagen Amarok Service Repair Manual EWD

Volkswagen Amarok 2010-2019 Workshop and Maintenance Manual, color Wiring diagrams, EngineTransmission Repairs, Error Codes list, fuse box diagram. Self-study programme Online The procedure for changing the oil and filter, replacing the brake fluid and brake pads. The manual online can be downloaded in PDF format for free.

Amarok 2012 The 8-speed Automatic Gearbox 0CM – SSP 507 Online PDF Download

Amarok 2010 – Self-study programme 463 Download

Amarok – Powertrain – Self-study programme 464 Download

Volkswagen Amarok 2H 2010-2016 Service Repair Manual

Volkswagen  Amarok 2011 Diesel Engine 2.0l (CDCA CDBA CNEA CSHA CNFA CNFB) Workshop Manual

Fuse Layout Volkswagen Amarok

Fuse Layout Volkswagen Amarok 2010-2017
Fuse Box Diagram Volkswagen Amarok (2010
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Common problems with Volkswagen Amarok

Timing system.

The car in question has a very serious sore, the essence of which is the tendency to break the timing belt due to the use of low-quality materials in the production of both the belt itself and its tension rollers. I think no one needs to explain that when this belt breaks, the connecting rod-piston group is inevitably damaged and the valves are deformed, which implies a major overhaul of the engine or its complete replacement.


Fuel system.

The engines installed on the Volkswagen Amarok are themselves very capricious about the quality of the diesel fuel used, but the "tenderness" of their fuel system turned out to be much more significant. The slightest hint of low-quality fuel can immediately lead to a malfunction of any of the nozzles, the replacement of which will cost the owner a fairly serious amount.


Dual mass flywheel.

The next weakness of this car lies in the dual-mass flywheels installed on 2-liter engines, which are already 50 thousand km away. mileage can begin to play a lot, causing big trouble when starting off.


Hand brake.

By itself, the drum mechanism of the handbrake is very well designed and can last for many years without any maintenance. However, the drive cables of this very “handbrake” often turn sour or simply break for no apparent reason.


Attachment belt rollers.

The problems of operating cars of this family, many owners also include the rapid wear of the rollers of the belts of mounted units. It often comes to the point that these spare parts are not able to last even 10 thousand km, while the replacement period recommended by the manufacturer is about 50 thousand km. Symptoms of problems with the rollers are extraneous noise during their operation and the “squeal” of the belt (especially during cold start and when turning the steering wheel).


Body metal and paintwork.

Like any other car, the Volkswagen Amarok has its pros and cons, but the metal used in its production and the quality of the paintwork were strongly criticized by many buyers. The slightest chipped paint immediately becomes a hotbed of corrosion and, if you do not pay due attention to the problem area, soon the car will simply begin to rot, which is simply unacceptable for the German car industry.


EGR system.

The exhaust gas recirculation valves of these engines are not designed for the quality of domestic fuel, as a result of which they simply fail at fairly low mileage. There are only two ways to solve this problem: regularly invest money in restoring the EGR system, or “cut” the valve out of the system once and for all.


Rear axle seals.

Another frequent breakdown of the cars in question is oil leakage from under the rear axle shank oil seal. As a rule, the first "bells" of the upcoming oil seal replacement appear already on runs of 60 thousand km, and the elimination of the trouble itself will cost you from 2 to 4 thousand rubles.


Wiper motor.

The least common, but no less significant of this problem is the failure of the wipers due to mechanical wear of the drive motor. The nature of this malfunction is still not clear, therefore, for some owners, this misfortune can occur after 10 thousand km. run, while in others it does not appear at all.

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